When it comes to privacy online whom do you trust?

I was doing my research on which is the best way to protect yourself from those who may be needing your information may it be hackers or the government and I came across Tails a Linux operating system. What do my fellow learned IT mates use? Are the VPNs alone safe? The writer of the article praised this OS very much.

[B]READ IT HERE[/B] and then advice accordingly


Such os n vpn are useless if they get a user who will still give away his/her details willingly or when manipulated. Eg hata kama unatumia such halafu you post pics za kwako hapa and even tell us where you stay ama give us your phone number hapa kwa posts ama comments. Will the os still hide your privacy?

No such thing as privacy in internet. You’re better off hiding in plain sight “if you know what I mean”

A modem can be traced to your simcard name and everything if thats what you are using. isnt it? I mean the precise port of connection at safcom/orange/jtl/zuku etc? when you are online

tor actually hides your browsing data and history from ISP buh still u r very vulnerable to hackers

Kijana if you want to be safe and ensure your privacy, avoid Internet completely, period


public wifi + vpn + tor should be some kind of safe lakini kilakitu kwa net si safe… GCHQ wako rada

camera off
antivirus off

All those Tor, vpn, secure os’ wont protect you if the end user is a dimwit. Ask yourself why most organisations are today hacked via the age old phishing

The guy actually is not seeking advice from dimwits but his fellow learned IT guys.

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sure, point iko hapo

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Good one Am following that

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Am following I know its hard to to it online but its better than remaining absolutely naked!!

thats the basic hacker configurations before aanze kuingia kwa systems

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The default OPSEC in the dark side of the internet is; RDP->Tor->Socks. Tails is installed on the Remote Desktop and inside virtual box. With that setup hata exit nodes za tor cant leak where your ass is. You trade and browse as gods intended.


Following. Keep them coming

I’ve always told people privacy is subjective…what do u want to be sheltered from,the NSA(Edward snowden expose) or ‘hackers’ as u guys call them.

Anyone who wants my data against my wish