When is Ruto getting arrested?

This man deserves 10 days in Parklands Police cells. The guy is professional looter with a rap sheet that is miles long.

The kenyatta family has looted more than what ruto can loot in his lifetime. Go for ruto but also go for the big man cause those 2 are tied to the hip.

When are Uhuru & Odinga getting arrested?



The way he was talking on k24 hana uoga he must have some insurance he will use, surviving the handshake brothers from 2018 so mchezo

Cambridge Analytica have earned their pay. Wacha kubuy zile story handshake team inakupatia. Ata Ruto akufe saa ii pesa itaibwa tu kama kawaida, ni yeye ataiba?

Washike moi kwanza

If you dare, you’ll be dead before you know it.

The cardinal rule is that politics will always supercede any anticorruption drive. Chukua hio benki

Ruto will only be arrested if kenyatta deems it politically safe to do so.