when i was a kipii....ihii itikuaga....yaani vipii ziko na 9lives

when i was a young man,i used to be invisible,i had this daring spirit and my only limits were restrictions from my seniors
when i was young ,we (together with my age mates) used to think that we were big,one time,my friend dared gura river to “carry him”…just in case you know gura river…the kipii was given a special ride for kitu 2kilometers na bado tukaenda home pamoja

there was one time we had a “nyairo” at the top of a kahill at my place called karima hill and i mr wonder was the driver,we got a instant break from a stump at kindu 5okmh/hr and my two passengers overtook me only that they were fly,one of them, landed a few inches from a sharp branch…i still feel a cold shiver when i think about it.

i will die at 1ooyrs+ i realized this when i lived for kitu 1yr with a bicycle minus breaks,yet my place is a sloppy ,all i had to do was get my friend who could put his feet on the ground to act as breaks while i placed one leg on the Tyre,one day on a kaslopy place ,my friends feet got stuck kwa root ilikuwa at the middle of the road,all over a sudden the bicycle became lighter and faster,i had not realized that i "lost " my friend without notice,i met a pick up which was climbing uphill and driver assumed that i knew the traffic rules,i kissed the truck head on and the front “leg” of the bicycle became no. 8 i was thrown at he back of the truck with the highest velocity i have ever experienced in my life,and landed at the back of the truck and truck and believe me,jamaa alikuwa amebeba nyasi,it was a soft landing ,i only got a few bruises

enyewe vipii…


hapa ndio 844 imetufikisha…english should be taught as the foreign language it is…huyu hapa pia atasema he speaks english kweli?

Gura for 2km…and then Karima Hill. Do you realise those places are miles apart?

Hehehe. …

Fullstop ni muhimu brathe.

sasaaa… mjaluo ametoa wapi ngozi nyeupe?

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ana think in mother tongue then ana translate in English

hapo hujaambia @emali poa :D:D

Nice story all the same. Grammar nazis wekeni zenu tusome.

I can relate…

unless we are talking about two different things,otherwise,gura river is at the foot of karima hill

kama ungekuwa mwalimu wangu…sorry,wacha nisiseme

We girls also had our fair share of adventures. From trying to enlarge boobs with njúrúri to. …
ama wacha nisiseme.

Wewe Manki uko na ujinga sana lakini bado nakupenda gal

Njururiiî, njururi, njururi yakwa, njururi! That reminds me of this song.

Mimi nakumbuka swimming with fellow vipiis in the 90s in a river. We placed a plank across the river, eti ndio diving board. I stepped on it and dove vibaya, landing on my stomach. I felt like a a sword had slashed my belly. I got out of the water, dressed and kept quiet feeling the pain. Saa hiyo nimeparara kama sokwe.


good story but should be in the category of entertainment not news and politics

Mwanaume ni kuvumilia

not a bad hekaya.