When do the customers of these city churches work? Churches milking STUPID Kenyan peasants 24/7 365

I have always wondered how the victims of the con pastors such as Nganga’s clients earn their living. These churches need to be audited and file their taxes just like other businesses in the city.

Seconded. But Kenyans are idiots and as long as they drink from the fountain of this drug called religion they’ll continue wallowing in poverty and justifying it with selective readings and interpretations of the Bible.


Ala! This explains a lot of African Christian brainwashing

I have always said Christianity is a fraud.

There is no law against separating a fool with his own money.

Niaje @HacktivistT

Go to church, listen to what is of importance to you, sing, tithe and then go home feeling like an angel. Alafu stay away from ministries. If wewe ni was zamani your parents introduced you to mainstream churches. So wacha kujifanya mjanja and get back to that church your mom used to go.

I don’t go to church

I adhere to the institution of God but not to religion.

hapo sasa umeanguka. a letter from leopold confirms it for you?

that is not the way. if you’re mum was a catholic and you “get back to that church your mom used to go” my friend you and her are heading straight to hell regardless of your intentions.

let us not blame the pastor or the minister or the reverend or the fake prophets and fake apostles. blame yourselves for NOT READING Scripture.

Religion, democracy and marriage,the greatest conspiracies on Earth