@administrator but why? Hii thread imeenda wapi cc @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD @Electronics4u @Old Monk na vyenye nlikuwa nmeichangamkia …


op alitoa juu watu walianza kuitisha links ya uchawi


Do you still nyonga the monkey? How did u quit

Just incase, Ilikuwa inaongelea mambo ya kawasaki… ikiwa kuna jamaa amepigwa na guilt anashindwa way out. A slave of his own brain… Imagine Him thinking about sex, actually thinking about doing the act, Doing the act and ejaculating :D:D:D. All that happens within him, all by himself… Alafu mtu akuje kusema he is addicted… No men you aren’t, you just enjoy the ease of it all. You can’t be addicted to something that comes out of your body, its an off from you. Get that inside your mind… Ni kama uniambie uko addicted na kukunia :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

kuna msee aliomba links kutoka wazungu za kusafisha mecho wakamtumia za watu wakifanya uchawi
sasa alikuwa akiuliza wasee wanatoanga wapi nguvu za kufanya uchawi

No, I married and stopped strangling the burger

@propesa tafasali leta swali apa kwa comment section tuichambue kikamilifu

So the camel’s will be handled well

interesting point, but one isn’t really addicted to strungling the monkey…it’s the dopamine hit after, so in a way uko addicted to the neurochemical rather than the action. Binadamu tuko different in our wiring so it wouldn’t be surprising that at a point in time, there has existed an individual who derived much pleasure from taking a dump juu ya the dopamine enye maybe ilikua released akioff load.

Kuwasha bajaj is a vvvv normal practice though a killer guiltycally. You can virtually fcuk any woman you admire without investing financially or emotionally, no strings attached na hakuna chance ya ngwengwe ama any other funny STDs and STIs. As a former chaiman I was addicted for real, thanks to my nyamKambodia I changed my ways.

But si naskia it lowers ua libido and affects your stamina mbaya sana

The solution is simple. Dont nyonga for a month and the brain will go back to factory settings.Even just two weeks without kunyonga na utaona unambao ile strong ata kwa mat.Most people don’t know this.They think ED caused by kunyonga is permanent but it isn’t. A month without and you are back like you never left.

Ktalk sihami:D:D:D

Ypure speaking about psychological, but leaving out physical dependence.

The main point instead is we should try not be slaves to our biological urges.

But you’ll nut in a second

@uwesmake ako addicted kukunia

Look at it this way, Every hormone released from the brain has a counter effect and and that is none but awareness, will power, control, self esteem…

For example, laughter, love, hate, Desire… All these are influenced by chemicals wrought in by your own making, your brain releases them for your own good.
Did you know you can fool your brain so you dont feel hungry even if you did??:smiley: :D.
Thats not the point anyway.
I wanna give you a quiz that will proove everything chemical you go through you can control. Even hunger let alone stress…

Just become aware, Watch your brain, be like a mastermind to what your brain does… You will realize there is nothing like addiction just a bunch of losers too lazy to face themselves

Ndio mzito anaingia kijiji mdau