When Did You Go Last?

Listening to and watching church services is not going to church. I heard that from a preacher the other day.
He was of the opinion that one needs to congregate with other believers in order to grow spiritually. I do not know about that.
But with every other evangelist,bishop and pastor going into televised religious services (I stumbled on a Muslim Ibada on tv recently),how true are those sentiments expressed by the said preacher.
I think he was against tv services because it reduces the tithe. Which brings me to the point: When were you in church last? When did you attend a church service? Funeral and memorial services do not count.
I will go first. I attended my last church service in 1992. When I stopped believing in that kind of belief system. Yes,1992. Some niggas here were still in diapers. Others were not yet born…
Brings me yet another question,without trying to be seen to be a conformist,whats your religious belief system like?

octogenarian @It’s Le Scumbag

4Sundays ago, i feel guilty when i do not go, coz i feel my boys need spiritual feeding among other kids, i believe spirituality is important, and there is a need to help kids have a belief , so it wont be as easy to manipulate their spirituality, and while its not a sure way, it has worked more than it has not

Mr. Napoleone no mùrongithia karia gagùciarwe?
Wee kwanza,when is last time you attended a church service?

This is me. I do it for the kids.

For a minute,keep the kids out of it. Lets talk you. Kids will come later…

I was in class 4 then…attending catechism classes and its the year I received the sacrament of the holy communion.

I am glad I am not the only who thinks this way…

oooh dear me…apart from the mandatory weekly devotions at work, the last time i saw an inside of a church was during my dad’s burial…am not proud of it. my son however can not miss church and i thank his mentors for that…

And I have tried even attending this neo-religious churches and sadly,I end up frowning and rolling my eyes through out the service.

i would rather, read a bible…meditate on the word, pray…at the end of the day, its between me and God…

Mara yangu ya mwisho ilikuwa siku tuktuk ilitaka kujitengenezea jina na maisha yangu.

As it should be…Amen to that sweetheart.

Was there 2 days ago … friday to be precise. Maombi ni muhimu

Me, my mum is saved, growing up she took every chance she Got to tell my about God and Christianity I believe in the teachings, and i believe that my existence is dependent on God. About church, fellowship is important but many churches these days are more about money, so it is important that one finds a church that is about spiritual nourishment above everything else.
About tele evangelism, i say spread the gospel whichever way , just dont extort people while at it

i went today. the preacher was very boring to be honest. he said something about brotherhood…accountability…then how David DFed some slay queen called Bathsheba na alikuwa ananyesha!
i think the lesson was if she’s nyeshaing its ok to DF

Do I really need a broker between me and God? If so, then what’s the essence of free will?

Wewe mzee wacha kutuletea UPUSSY a very good sunday morning.

About a month ago.

almost a decade now