when devil takes too much of underworld weed

I have no business with the worldly dude and his many doctrines. Am sure he’s the one who decides when fellow K talkers have kawasaki, 4 some, animal husbandry, dry fry name them. Anyway more about him check jehova witness’s press and posta for details.
Away from intro:, after lots of trigonometric hustle whole week, i decided to call my guys for a dude moment weekend. Fast forward sisi hao malindi. The idea was rave, have some bitches, hold beach barbecue, fuck, pass out, wake up half nude(like nude except you u have cd on) etc, u know like normal days. Everything was going as planned Until this guy came with more weed relatives. Am talking about Tons of mushrooms(don’t ask where we got em from) tons of great ecstasy.
Never have i taken such stuff, but mombasa raha right?! After few of god knows what, libido wasn’t having any truce either, decision ikawa we go look for white bitches. The night director or wizard shouted to the effect of much mushrooms something to do with kikambala. Who cares, white pussies dude. Fast forward again to the weird and main part of this story, we arrive at this hotel, got the bitches(they have been already dry fried of course we were late) and booked for rooms each with his own catch. We were 3guys. Two of us with the white chiks and the other one won a hand in fornication with a funny looking barmaid(inspector mwala looking gal or was i hallucinating ).

I can’t remember getting us all in one room surely but i remember the barmaid declaring she was on her worst days. Well, fuckin dude(night director ) declared he will add few dollars (if he had any). By the looks of how high we were, she obliged. All this time i wasn’t being fooled by their “gayish bargain” i was on ma girl. You know when you take different family of hallucinogens, mix with alcohol you create a monster devil himself isn’t proud being associated with. Thats what happened, at this point. I started ati “romancing” poor soul. Can you imagine someone who was being dry fried and you are there lickin that pussy “sucking” oozing distillery thinking it was squirt(fuck!! I need a therapist ), to make matters worse, i slept mouth down on that pussy. Woke up hrs later and i think bitches were also intoxicated coz they were all there.
But horror was to look around see the night director resembling scene from vampires diary. Thick blood from his mouth, kumbe the ninja seeing his fellow guy (honourable i) giving the mzungu chick the deep tounge down under, also went down on his menstruating chick… Grrrrrrrr. Am still in chills at the thought of this and we are soo scared to ask what happened that day.


It takes a brave man to swim in murky waters son, but it takes an even braver man to drink from them :smiley:


hehehehehehehe noma sana lakini cunnilingus on a lady with periods?


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Buda boss…hehe sawa. Izo shrooms ni muhimu, hook up tafadhali:):):):slight_smile:

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Hell of a party there man the ‘vamp’ was feeding don’t mind him

let me get this right, you were busy licking up someone elses njoti and you think the guy who licked menstrual blood had it worse?


Exactly what shocks has said.

The best way to counter the trauma is lessening the situation by making the other look worse. I think it was working until you showed up


I am with @shocks here…there must have been a photo taken no?

I hope this was way back … yuck!

Some stuffs i read from this village…so far i can jst term maself “naive” >>>>>>:confused:

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Sounds like some movie whose title I have forgotten.

Kama sio HOYA get on the PEPs program ASAP

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Thats some fucked up shit.Hope u got tested after…PEP

Hiyo movie ni Hangover part 1…hata mi naona jamaa anatupima

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Yeah thats the movie

sorry for pooping at your party!

hehe…you just wish it was a movie

:eek::eek:Aiiiii I Kent!! http://heartwell.com/newsite/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/fainting.jpg


you killed me!:D:D:D:D:D
Me and me master(devil de) agree


:D:D:D:D story of my life