When Bonobos Have Children Without Planning For Their Future...

…the kids end up suffering for their parents’ lack of focus. Sasa huyu alipita mtihani 2018, akakosa fee ya high school. The solution? Repeat class 8, which he did in 2019. Akapita tena. Now it’s the same story. The boy is being told to repeat class 8 for the third time.

Cheki, if you’re poor, how about you desist from breeding? Huu upuzi wa kusema sijui oh, mtoto hukuja na sahani yake…oh, mungu yuko…hizo ni poor bonobo proverbs. Another thing, if you’re poor, don’t have kids as an investment, ati they’ll help you in your old age. They’re not obligated to. Now this kijana is very stressed, I’m sure sometimes he wishes he was born to different parents, or didn’t get born at all if this is the life he was destined to live.


You sound very immature. No situation is permanent and life isn’t linear. So what happens after kuzaa baada ya kukafunga halafu mambo ikuendee mrama upoteze kola kitu? Do you kill the child and chase away your wife?

Tell that to the kid who has to do KCPE three times as his father gets “his shit together”. I’m sure in 2020 he was magically going to raise school fees for his son’s high school education. Wacha ata fees, ata viatu ama bag ya shule jamaa hajanunua. That guy isn’t interested in his son’s education.

Ile ujinga iko Ktalk hata ARVs haziwezi kuponya! Life is given and taken by God and every human has the right to breed.

You give life when you fuck a fertile woman and make her pregnant. Bitches take life all the time when they visit abbortion clinics, God doesn’t feature anywhere.

If I ever become dictator, people will apply to have kids. You must show the government you can take care of a child before being allowed to have one, otherwise you’ll be forcefully sterilized.

Responsibly and while having a plan.

Plan ni wewe. Ruto is the son of an ordinary man and he is now the DP. @sani can explain that better to you.

:smiley: pambana ufakara kwanza kabla ya kujaza watoto

Hapa na kuunga mkono!
We are now almost 50M people and of those nearly 35M are below age of 40yrs so potentially we can reach 100M in 20-30yrs time if population growth is left unchecked!
I seriously think we should encourage generation ya 2000s isizae kabisa otherwise fight for meagre resources itakuwa kali sana in the near future!

Life is unfair.

Nimeona feature ingine hapo on TV saa hii. Kamama flani hapo nimeona ati kako captain huko KQ. Kalianza kuendesha ndege kakiwa “a few day shy of 18yrs old”. Kakapelekwa US kakafanya commercial pilot kakaingia KQ ambapo baba yake alikuwa captain. Duh! Ati the most memorable flight kalifanya ni ile kalifanya na baba yake. Last flight ya baba yake (ambaye alikuwa anaretire mapema) alifanya na yeye! Father daughter team. Ndio mzee aende early retire! Heheheee…

Saa hiyo kuna mbois analia hata kiatu ya form 1 hakuna!

Unasema nn chief, point yako ni gani?
While at it, why don’t you explain the pros of birthing multiple kids… nowadays? :oops:???

Ati Arvs zimefanya nn, ama hatukupata memo.

Should we also discuss why its only bonobos breeding like rats?
With resources becoming increasingly stretched nowadays why would anybody desire large family?

A ordinary/poor man/woman has physiological needs just like a rich one. He/she requires companionship and affection and regular sex. These things happen in a marriage/cohabitation setup and usually lead to getting offsprings. However, family planning is very important, regardless of the amount of wealth that any individual has. Even if all human beings presently on the planet were wealthy and endowed with endless resources, it would be unreasonable for all of us to sire fifteen kids each since that would put a big strain on our planet.

Unfortunately, those who can afford to have the most have the fewest. And those who cannot afford to have many, well…

Kamwana ako na watoto wangapi btw?

Having many kids is the poor folks greatest undoing. I believe that such should marry but not exceed two kids. They should spend most of their energy trying to improve their lives.

The number of salaried Kenyans earning below 50k per month is at staggering 74%.
These people should be forced to sire atmost 2 kids.

KNBS 2019 estimated a total of 16million kenyans living below poverty line. Hawa dio unapata wakizaana saidi.
This group yafaa iruhusiwe mtoto mmoja pekee. China style.

Target yangu ni 30 kids niko 7 .

Koki Mutungi.
But you can’t take anything from her.
The father only showed her the way, if she didn’t have the discipline to put in the hard work she wouldn’t be where she is.
How many kids from influential families waste their lives on drugs and other vices?
Examples are legion.

ii maneno huwa ngumu. lakini masomo ni muhimu. maskini wenye hawajasoma hawajuagi about family planning. unapata msichana ako 29 ako na watoto saba. utafanya aje na makosa ishafanyika? na pokot na baringo situation za uko ni mbaya, unajificha tu kwa pombe, usahahu mashida zako. watoto wasomeshwe na governors na makanisa na relatives wale matajiri

Tuko pambaya

Our friend here has a valid point. Every time I see these KCPE and school fees stories on TV, I usually ask myself the same question. Must people sire kids? If you’re poor, must you sire kids to bring them into a life of suffering? Thing is if you must and you’re poor, don’t go beyond 2 kids. Period. Otherwise if you change from rich to poor, that’s a different story. Our government and every other government in the world should go the China way. Restrict the number of kids for a better life and a better economy.