When big boys plagiarize

When the big boys plagiarize

Big boys si ni kina kobia

Difference comes in When makali survives an accident na Toyota guys go to meet their maker

Toyota are good with their interior. its modest and good quality although it isnt comparable to mercedes and the likes. Its easy to run a toyota on an average kenyan salary. Sio kupenda kwa watu wa toyota, ni economy. The problem is many people drive toyota so that it feels like just another malaya. i like unique cars.

Me too, I would rather go for a Passat.

me too:)

If I were to buy a toyota I would go for something less obvious like a toyota crown or camry. Lakini they are expensive. at something like 850-880k you have an ex japan honda accord with very good quality and better value for your money because kazi ni regular servicing only, and this is far much a better offer than a toyota premio at 1.5/1.4 million almost twice the price. The honda might consume a little more fuel because of the 2000cc /engine but it gives you more power, speed and premium build, and I dont think the extra fuel it consumes is equivalent to 600k/500k you have to add for a premio no matter how you do your calculations. The honda will also be cheaper on insurance premiums and you have a unique car worth looking at twice.

Kama kuna kitu imenishinda ni magari… Tried watching two episodes of Top Gear n found myself nishachange to music… Lakini give me something comp or phone related, will keep asking for more

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toyota has no new models
merc benz iko juu stylish as always

Hyundai Sonata,unique and it’s a beast on the road… Speaking of death wishes,I was doing 200 on Kiambu Road,[ATTACH=full]3399[/ATTACH]

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Endelea chief. lakini uwache umepost number za mabibi mapema juu haujui ni lini.

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unawezaje piga picha dashboard ukiwa iyo teke yote

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On a lighter note:), you didn’t disappoint KEB, infact, you exceeded our threshold and literally “drove the talk”, however this dictates uwe umeandika will bwoss:( and remember we still need you around.

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Kitu imeingia juzi and I was just trying to push it to the limit and gauge it’s performance,on kawaida days I rarely go past 100.

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How difficult would it be to service a Mazda RX8 in this our country?

Have you watched that video of a Tanzanian guy who pushed a Mark X past 180Kph na alikua ametoka kuichukua port??? You are the type who think KCC umetoa Dubai ni gari mpya na iko na mileage ya 98000. I hope you were alone in that car…more so Am sure you were doing this speed with those showroom tyres and rims,right?

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Hehehe… Dude,i don’t drive second hand cars.

Michuki??? U pulled a fake death on us?


Huyu ndiye msee mmoja alikuwa anasema publicly that he has never owned a second hand car. Naskia tena na wewe