When and how did you learn to drive?

My brother in law used to have one of this which he operated as a taxi. Most evenings and weekends I would accompany him as he ferried clients here and there.
At the taxi rank where he operated from, the cars usually lined up with customers taking the car at the front of the queue. There used to be a lot of movement as the cars kept being moved as the ones at the front left.
One day he was running an errand and he left the keys with me to give to other taxi drivers to keep moving it forward.
From months of observing him do his thing, I never gave anyone the keys and moved the car myself till he came back. That’s how I started driving.

@Meria Mata tell us how you started.

Father class 7 evenings na weekends

Kondele tings

2 years ago…normal way. Nothing exciting. Had this retarded warriah cop pale survey who almost failed me in the practicals…ati juu documents sijatoa kwa karatasi. For the first time, I saw an Indian try to bribe apite driving exam…akasukumiwa makofi mingi sana

Unataka kujua kwa nini?kwani umekuwa NTSA???Senji!!!

After high school took Comp classes then driving at Rocky landmawe had this idiot instructor who would attempt to blackmail female learners , sex for learners ukikataa he would never teach you a thing. The bugger even told me one day ati Kwa mteremko mtu hukanyanga Mafuta Kabisa nkt. had my instructor changed but polished my skills na magari za watu home my auntie’s driver helped

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Kunywa maji ama juice ama ukule maembe umalize hangover.

Mrs 4th, hii ni Google Translate ama ni gani?

He he he I am blaming sleep deprivation

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I was ploughing the farm by the time i was in class 3 (Those of you who know how hard and mixed up the gears of a ford tractor is). By them time i was 17 nilikua dere wa minibus mathare north route during the holidays. If it wasn’t for my mum kunichomoa huko nai and reiterate that i concentrate on my studies labda bado ningekua dere and not control column and pedal manenos. During rush hours we could ferry 70+ people at a go and the sitting capacity was 32. It was during the Nyayo days so overloading wasn’t an issue. I never went through a driving school


Abandon thread! Can’t relate!

In class five …this was in my great old man’s garage it was the best and most thrilling thing ever.Was left for like 2 weeks alone and nothingwas planted on the side of where the car was parked.Nilijifunza mdogo mdogo hadi by class seven I would start and prep the car for my mom and take it out of the gate.Still love that car’s steering wheel to a kid it was like a kart

My papa taught me Nikita class 8 but after form four akanilipia driving school… Sikua na attend classes but Siku ya exams drove for a few Centimeters na mtiha I nikapita

I played NFS 2 for 2months.Next am driving Navara Aventura from Coast to Nairobi. Kidogo @Meria Mata anichote hapo Voi.
Today i can drive even the SGR.

Lower primary. After years of closely observing dad, I got a chance when keys were left lying in the hse . Called my buddies to witness the great day, me moving the car out n back to the garage. After many such similar but improved distance coverage n tough course manoeuvres, I was caught live live. Ile kichapo nilipata hata mbwa na nyoka combined hawapatangi. .

In murarandia backin the days my uncle had the only car, a mitshubishi L1200 mbickup, hii gari ilinionyesha mambo nyingi sana as it was the local ambulance (many a kid were born there before we got to hosi) it also took me to countless uthonis, weddings and funerals as it was also the hearse, needless to say, nilijifundisha nah ii gari, the first time I sat behind the wheel was in 83, kulikua kumenyesha na gari ikakwama as the only kid without muscles to push nikaambiwa niingie mbele and was shown what to do, clutch dani kabisa alafu niachilie polepole kama nakanyanga mafuta. Kumbe it was so easy, from that day I was hooked, twas was a gd thing that alinifundisha, siku moja alikuja kuitwa usiku but he was dead drunk na mgonjwa alikua hali mbaya sana so it fell on my young shoulders that niwapeleke Kenyatta hosi, with my heart beating at a million times a minute I did it, niliwapeleka na nikarudi vizuri, I became the village hero.
this is the mbickuff, alafu ilikua na miguu nono za sport,


Seven years ago, but never drove!!. Currently doing refresher with AA, and all of a sudden I am enjoying a manual car!!


Nyinyi ndio mliniibia wallet yangu pale 29/30

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I had this instructor mzae alikuwa mkali kwa barabara alikuwa ananikanyagia clutch sana so siku moja nikapata hayuko nikapewa mwingine nikafurahi jamaa alinitoa tao tukaenda ngara akaniambia ni park nimgojee akarudi after 30 min kumbe alikuwa ameingia kwa kibanda lunch jamaa ikasema turudi tao nikajua nimecheswo ilibidi ningojee mzae arudi after 2 days niresume practicals

I drove for over 10 years without a DL till I booked for one at Rocky driving school. Siku ya test tukapelekwa Karen. After mtihani wa meza all of us boarded the truck alafu tunaitwa mmoja mmoja hapo mbele na examiner. I guess I drove for less than 50metres nikaambiwa ‘simama, unapoteza wakati’, confused nikashuka nikarudi nyuma wondering what I had done wrong.
It was only later tukipewa interim that I learnt he didn’t find it necessary for me to drive for long, he had already seen I was capable.