When a woman loves you too much....

Good folks in the village, how do you handle it when a woman loves you too much till she acts irrational when she thinks you might be seeing another woman? I want to hear all, sensible advice, matusi, leteni zote.

cue to leave insecurity is a turn off


Start seeing another woman so she stops being irrational

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describe irrational in detail, there might be a hekaya here…

are you the one who fantanise of others people wives loving you because they look at you?kweli uko na shida

Son,women are always insecure.Please live with that na uendelee na maisha yako.Show me any non insecure woman and I will show you a fishing Boat in Mandera…


You are very lucky …siku hizi those ladies are rare ti hi hi hi


Oops! She got wind of our fuck plan!

When one spouse loves the other “too much” IMO that relationship in most cases it’s doomed.

Why? There’s a very thin line between love & hate… So imagine what would happen if she caught us in our usual place pants down? O SNAP!

You’ll be dead!!

This applies to both sexes!

You are sending the wrong signals, remember to switch off Fisi Mode when you are with her.

Divert a little bit more attention to her, women love attention.

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Mostly it’s dependency, I have had several of that type. You try hard to break up lakini wapi.

Chunga asidisconect Transformer

Yeah…esp chics of around 20-22 years…siku hizi wana moto sana, some sweet nothings and niceties and she be all over you…they in colle or ‘hustling’…‘free puthy’ right there fellaz, the only collateral damage ni pesa ya kwenda salon ama credo…don complain my bro enjoy iyo puthy while it lasts na unaipeleka away matches kama Machakos, Naks etc


The stronger the love, the stronger the hate.

Ni hayo tu…

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Kwanza weka picha yake aki act irrational ndiyo tuweze kukusaidia

Sijaelewa hapa.

You’re not planting your tree well enough, for one. Secondly, she has farted in your bed and you didn’t scold her for that


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The thoughts of an insecure woman…Be VERY Afraid!..



They are irritating, every move becomes suspect!!! Leo umwite sweetheart, kesho sugarplum, atakuuliza why the change!!! i have had my fair share. Hata Haupumui!!!

I have a big tree na mimi huweka yote ndani.