When A Nobody Threatens To Resign

This, ummm, senior reporter at NTV gave IG Boinett exactly 7 days to arrest and prosecute policemen who were administering dawa to UoN students, failure to which he will resign.
I’m sure Vigilance House is a hive of activity, with everyone rushing to meet his seven day deadline.
In the same vein, if @admin does not give me the title of Village God in the next 5 minutes, I’m going to, umm, lemme see…I hadn’t really thought this through…but I’ve already put it out there, so I have to issue a threat…YES!! If admin does not make me Village God in the next 5 minutes, I’ll, I’ll…I’ll remove Kenyatalk.com from my list of bookmarks. Yes, that’ll show him. So the ball’s in your court bwana admin. You either handle this issue with the seriousness it deserves, or you will face the music. Tick tock.


Huyu hajui vile hapa nje ni ngumu. Biz ni mbaya mse anasurvive na sportpesa.
Fight from within. Once you’re outside you have no voice and if you do, it’s drowned in a multitude of others.
Fala hiyo.

Hahahaha…I wonder what that Ken Mujinga guy was trying to achieve with all this. I think we all know that Boinnet ain’t going nowhere. He should be learn the concept of leverage because you cannot make outrageous demands when you have zero leverage.

@admin 5 minutes are up, but because I’m a reasonable fellow, I’m giving you two more years to comply with my demand. No more!!

weh! si umeonyesha admin! he is now hiding under the bed:):):slight_smile:


this must be the funniest thing ever said

Great! One less mediocre dullard to listen to!

which station does he work for?

:D:D:D:D:D Bado hajaresign?

for all i know @Boinet and @Fred dont even give a crap.Should he resign NTV will be glad to cut on the operational costs and someone else will always fit those shoes.Kuna watu wako kazi ya kutafuta kazi.

The problem with this country is people overestimating their importance.
Mijungu just joined the long list, just behind Nyakundi.
Of course leading the list is Raila, who still thinks people will shit their pants at his first mention of ‘resign’. I’m sure Raila can feel this ‘power’ slowly being decimated by Chiloba.
I’ve just bookmarked Mijungu’s page to wait for his resignation announcement.

Statement was made on October 1st. 3 days to go.

Alipeana notice 1st October, so acha tungoje mpaka 7th-8th hapo ndio tujue mbivu na mbichi. Lakini I’m very sure he won’t resign as IG will meet all his demands :D:D

Vigilance House is trying the best to beat the deadline.

Huyu amepata kazi kwingine anadanganya watu bure.

:D:D:D:D labda instagram lakini si Boinet

Boinet pulling all nighter to beat this deadline

In Kenya no one resigns. In the immortal words of one Amos Kimunya, “I’d rather die than resign”. :smiley: