when a MOMO decides to loose weight

[ATTACH=full]3326[/ATTACH]she was beautiful[ATTACH=full]3327[/ATTACH]Saa hii she’s not[ATTACH=full]3329[/ATTACH]

Nazizi gave in to peer pressure…the kind that advocates for only slim women are beautiful.


and she used to state she doesn’t fancy make up saa hii make up kilo kumi but I guess people change.

Hehehe. Mnataka abaki momo plus associated health problems ndio awafurishe macho?

She must be terribly sorry to disappoint you.


Please don’t expose your dumbness where is it stated that skinny = healthy


kuchapa nayo

this chick has never been hot watu huona rangi tuu!

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She just had alot of belly fat
… no big ass, no big boobs she looks better now

Haiyaa basi. Fungueni saloon mwe kama mharo blog.


ona hii ngombe…so in your opinion FAT=HEALTHY

Nimefunika dumbness Dr. Health.

Huyu dame ni mtom boy sana. On another note, she has to wear make up because she is a devorcee with a kid and needs to be climbed and not just by anybody.

i liked the old her…

she was Younger in the first pic aka baby face now its gone .she still looks good i think ni iyo hair style

wanting to remain relevant

she is not getting any younger, ‘make up’ are used to make up for the lost beauty. the beauty of fat girls fades faster compared to slim ones.

I second that…

bado ako sawa