when a Kenya woman calls you "gentleman"

When a Kenyan woman calls you “gentleman, real man, mature”… just know you are being used in some way and you look like an idiot…


:D:D:D:D:D…Ja Loka amemalisa Kunguru ghaseer!!!

It’s barely the first week of 2021 but that talker takes the 2021 award unopposed


Karass kunguru 0 talker 10

That is true it is a euphemism for a simp or an idiot.

Nigga is savage… ati other mans cum.

Ja Loka sums it up. It’s a wrap fellas…it’s kwinished!!!

I find it offensive a woman who hasn’t been a man even for a single day dictating men on how to be real! Ni kama ndume na makangari iwambie how to be a real woman! This gender though


Acha niende church sasa

Mtu awekelee ile meme ya ‘maalisa 500kg’ :D:D

Vile hiyo battalion imeangukia that tweet. :D:D

This is a very interesting association. You are a gentleman when you are footing bills that are not yours. When your funds run dry, I wonder what you will be referenced?

When I die and my body laid on the alter with the bishop leading the hymn “It is well with my soul” I will be a happy man knowing I wasn’t the gentleman who raised Poyolokos. Funeral attendants will only be my DNA confirmed bloodline

“I can’t stand brokeass men!”

Lakini…inheritance ukipewa ama uwe na kakitu itaenda wapi?

Singo mathas wanatafuta fees za kulipia Jayden na Precious on Monday.

I guess it is for such a situation that ile phrase “utajua hujui” was invented.

@poyoloko =simp

The perfect equivalent is:

A childless very hot model 10/10 (think of those Instagram queens) marrying a guy living in a rusty mabati house in Kibera

  1. She’s 100% loyal to him and not just a caretaker friend whom she uses for stability & consolation while she continues to romp sponsors and sugardadies
  2. They have kids and it’s confirmed through DNA the kids are his

Can it happen?

Women can’t go, even just think of going against their expectations but they want to force men to go against theirs by raising other men’s kids

However they seem to be quite successful

Single mothers will eventually get a sexually deprived betamale and thanks to those widespread shaming tactics and reverse psychology the betamales will raise their bastards