When a 40yr old Komodo Dragon tried to get my attention on tagged


Woria pia wewe natomba malayabya tagged?

Kula kwenu Mcooshite

Super hero. Real nigga. Even though you’re a douche bag. Kongole. Hapana bembeleza.


he’s an a.sshole hero:D:D:D:D:D:D

Alafu mcooshite so we hudaishanga ni team iPhone na leo naona unatumia tu opuss.

kumbe you racist wariah also realised bony somali coochie haitoshi mboga mpaka unatafta jareeeh women tagged …


Amegundwa kienyeji ni tamu

Sure A minus knows you can’t find a wife on tagged. Ati “childless”.

Hehehe perverted waryaaaa…

Maraya ni maraya tu. Whether 18 or 54. I thought you are a decent person who doesn’t sleep with prostitutes.

A guy who used to stick his schlong in a Billy goats mouth is decent, shifu bana… Haukusoma hekaya yake pale Senate?

I now remember.