Whatsapp Update

My whatsapp expired yesterday and as i was updating it, it said that my phone cannot support that version. my phone is an ideos V2.2.1. Naeza saidika aje

He he ideos bado iko hai


go to playstore and get a version optimised for your phone

Wacha pia mi ncheke…with all the Chinese Technos/Huaweis bado uko Ideos ?

Lawrence Mathenge

Jaribu HTC M8

whats wrong with owning ideos? as long as he did not steal it from someone. if its what he can afford then let him have it. everyone starts from somewhere .


My friend Huawei is now manufacturing high end phones and now have the best slimmest phones in the market. So hapana dharau Huawei. Huawei p8


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Mimi napenda Lawrence hata na ideos!!

@Female Perspective ebu tell them off. nimetoana mbali na hii ideos…

How does Whatsapp expire because mine has never ever expired. Ama it expires on some smartphones only? I don’t understand when people say it has expired.

Hehehe. Kubafu.

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hata mimi niko na hiyo ideos pia… Nitaizika or itanizika… My whatsapp expired on thursday too. Wacha ikae. I can live without it.

When you have rooted your phone and installed lucky patcher ther is a custom patch that messes up the countdown to expiry ya whatsapp mine imekua ikiniambia that i have 11 months to go since january ! Now you know

Yawa whatsapp ni 1 dollar pekee. Lipeni mwache usumbufu

?? :cool::cool:

hiyo ideos peleka museum utapewa pesa mzuri ata unaweza nunua gari

Coming from someone who advocates for whatsapp plus:(

Really? The last time i used whatsapp + was more than a year ago. I paid for a 3 year subscription. If unataka confirmation email can place it here for you.

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ideos for ideots

iko sawa lakini tafuta play store na uhakikishe uko na space