WhatsApp To Stop Working On Older Androids And iOS On January 1st 2021

Upgrade or be left out.[ATTACH=full]341403[/ATTACH]

Who the fck is running android 4? Hata simu ya 3K kwa broker ni at least 9

Watu wa “tuma kwa hii naba” in Kamiti

:D:D:D android 4

Who is still running Android 4 at a time like this??

I thought my android 7 was old kumbe some guys are still on 4

Millions of people are still stuck on 4.0.3

Alot of people have Old iPhones 4. Wanaj feel coz ni iPhone

Not really, for me i just like ios, android is good but nope[ATTACH=full]341861[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]341861[/ATTACH]

somalis speaking bantu languages is always fun to see, swahilization is fun

My Swahili is perfect though, I grew up here

I’m aware, as I said swahilization lol

boss mi niko android 5.1… I use a phone mpaka idedi kudedi au iibiwe