Whatsapp reborn

Iv been using whatsapp reborn for a while bt since last week inaitisha number verification…then asks u to download the official app…whatsapp reborn ime die au ndo Vipi

OG whatsapp iko sawa

na pia whatsfapp ama whatsmapp

Next time you will be blocked

naona three out of your six posts are about what is app. kuna mtu alikudangaya hapa ndiyo customer care yao?


:D:D:D:D:D:D Gaaaashwiiiin!!! Karibisha mono kwanza…

try telegram its better than whatsapp

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Install original whatsapp from play store
Chat na watu kadhaa then uninstall and install this version.



first, back up conversations in original whatsapp. uninstall then install whatsapp reborn and restore conversations


what is the advantage of using this version?

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@snapdragon naona unajua hizi maneno. Is there an android app that locks down individual conversations and also password protects a Group conversation? Kama ConvoProtect, tweak ya ios

Iv never had interest in that feature but I believe it does exist ngonja I consult with my developers

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sakanya huku

hii iko na ile bug ya kudelay messages ufala ufala?

Telegram is awesome bt haina wengi!..kila mtu ako whatsapp!

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I get my msg instant labda net yako ndio inakudelay

This original whatsapp ina bore sana, haina privacy at all. Thought ni yangu pekee ile crash, even after confirming the no and downloading ina kataa.

Hehe tulia gachui

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sawa, @uncle nyamabite