WhatsApp Plus v6.76 [No-Ban]

WhatsApp Plus is updating its app very quickly and within the period of weeks the new update is available to users. Today, just few hours ago, the update of WhatsApp Plus v6.76 launched and it is available to download and install in your android smartphones. You can also get the Crack version of WhatsApp Plus v6.76 provided by OnHax.

NOTE: If you are banned then you cannot use this app until the timeout is complete. Wait till the Ban Time is complete and then install this app.

Key Features of Whats App Plus

[li]COLORFUL : Basically it is a customizable WhatsApp where you can change lots of colors, sizes, and many other things.[/li][li]EXTRA UPLOAD LIMIT : In addition you can increase upload media limit (stock limit is 16Mb) to send large music files or videos.[/li][li]SEND ORIGINAL PIC : You can increase quality of pictures sent (by default resolution is decreased quite a lot)[/li][li]AD FREE : No adds as per original WhatsApp[/li][li]QUICK SHARE : You can share music just with one click.[/li][li]PARTIAL COPY/PASTE : You can select the part you want to copy from text rather copying whole text and send it to people in your contact.[/li][li]WATCH STATUS : You can directly watch status in the chat screen from WhatsApp Plus V6.76[/li][li]HIDE PROFILE PICTURE : You can hide contact profile pictures and show phonebook pictures (in chat screen).[/li][li]LOAD OF THEMES : Built-in theme viewer and downloader. Check WhatsApp+ users themes online and apply theme if you like.[/li][/ul]
How to Install ?

[li]First Download WhatsApp plus v6.76 APK file and save it in your PC or Phone.[/li][li]Take the Backup of your chats and broadcast lists.[/li][li]Delete or Uninstall the WhatsApp which is already available in your Device.[/li][li]Open the APK file and install the same in your Android smartphone.[/li][li]Now follow the screen instruction. Accept the installation with the “Accept” button.[/li][li]Congratulation, now you successfully installed the WhatsApp PLUS v6.76 in your device.[/li][li]Now Restore the Backup to get all chats and broadcast list back.[/li][li]Enjoy WhatsApp Plus[/li][/ol]
[INDENT]*Note : Also remember to enable the option to install the third party apps

Updates of New Version

[li]Mod by Kiran[/li][li]Change in signature so you have to uninstall previous version[/li][li]AntiBan version is here (Thanks to Vextil ,Prerak , OG )[/li][li]Changed attach icons[/li][li]Made this version for infinite time (No warnings after 180 days[/li][/ul]

[li] http://onhaxfiles.net/HZ/WhatsApp_Plus_v6.76_CRACKED_Apk.apk [/li]
[li] https://userscloud.com/jbtlj03oheqg [/li]
[li] http://www.multiupfile.com/f/07d9911c84 [/li][/ol]

http://i0.wp.com/onhax.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/W76.jpg [/INDENT]

Apart from themes part, hizo zingine i can tweak the normal whatsapp apk n make it perform them

:cool: aje mzae

Just edit the prefrence xml file on tour own… Ama decompile apk… Edit it then recompile and sign

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Thats greek to many of us

Just downloaded it, its more better than the kawaida one.

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Nani ako name whatsapp plus Kenya version? Nilikuwa nayo but it expired. Ilikuwa na emoji ya mpesa plus ya bae.

nimeona one condition while downloading that its a premium service and users will be charged Kshs. 30 sijui per day or week. nimecancel haraka sana. kindly confirm the conditions @highschooler

hii ni post ya tenee… anyway tafuta free version torrents

iyo ni kali http://kastatic.com/images/smiley/lol.gif sikuipatanga lakini http://kastatic.com/images/smiley/sad.gif