WhatsApp movies download group

Thanks to Safaricon’s free WhatsApp after bundles. Someone please share a movies download group link(s).

Am currently on Daily Newspapers group and enjoying it.

Inject Bob’s firewall through whatsapp and enjoy free Internet altogether

Isn’t there a 100MB file limit on all files sent via WhatsApp?

Get on the Telkom bandwagon!

Share iyo link ya daily newspapers

How is a Whatsapp movie group supposed to work.
Whatsapp have a 12mb file limit. Are you going to split the movie into 100 parts?

Gbwhatsapp kaseee


But it’s always full. Keep checking. Watu huleft sometime

GB WhatsApp sorts that out. Plus it doesn’t hurt, you can use splitter-joiner app to join.

si wahamishe telekram ???