whatsapp has refused to download pictures

this is frustrating . Is it me only or all of you guys. Try download a picture and tell if it works. tusaidianeni please

Damn! I am in the same spot.


so its their mother computer …ok sawa

I thought ni Mimi pekee

Try chat settings then Toggle camera roll

Facebook,whatsapp and instagram ziko na shida zote since afternoon…

Nilikua nafikiria nimeblockiwa after kununua gas

Ala, I’ve been trying downloading a PDF file from 8pm, ime hang,

Both download.and upload are not happening,at some point i thought ni net iko slow

In the same predicament out here …

Naona Crew ya Kawasaki palee kwa gate ya WhatsApp na frustrations. Ngai Baba …:p:D:D:D.

Hapana tambua dry spell. Ngombe!

took two men and two hours changing phones and computers until we gave up.