What's You're Experience with Dating Apps in Kenya?

I noticed since 2020 a lot of people joined dating apps in Kenya ,so I want to know what you think of them ,if you have any advice ,stories good or bad ,feel free to drop them here.

Perfect for getting side chics. They give you access to campus girls that you otherwise wouldn’t access easily as a man with a full-time job/business. They make things 100 times easier. With an app, you can line up dates with five 21-year olds without leaving your workplace. The only downside is that some look totally different from pics or have a sh.itty unbearable attitude despite the good looks. Overall, they are perfect for a busy working man looking to smash young women discreetly. I recommend using Tinder 100%.

I was thinking the same ,as Entrepreneur’s ,dating apps make alot of sense for us because our time is limited.

Which app did you have the best success with and are you from Kanairo ,Coast,Naxvegas?

Kanairo, Tinder. Hizo zingine I highly doubt them.
You can easily get over 100 matches in a few days and then narrow down to a few.

Tinder is my least Favorite but I still use it ,have you tried Bumble?

Never. No need if Tinder is working.

I was a bit apprehensive about dating apps at first to be honest.

Then I realized that literally every girl above 18 with a smartphone has used Tinder.

So, there is literally no advantage of avoiding Tinder if every girl has a profile there.

Important hint: If you decide to meet up, make sure you choose the location, not her. If you allow her to choose, you will overspend without any guarantees. Find a mid-tier restaurant as a meeting point usipeleke ghasia Red Ginger ama some expensive Steakhouse na hujui vile date itaenda.

I’ve tried both but Bumble is superior in my opinion.If you’ve used both then you’ll realize that.
Bumble has a rule where if you match, she has 24 hours to slide or you dissapear forever.
She has to make the first move which means the flake rate is low.
I got a date the first day on that app with my first match.

Tinder=More Matches
Bumble=More Dates

True,can’t make the mistake of overspending.Even a coffee would be better.

Use whatever works best for you. The end justifies the means.

@uwesmake @ChifuMbitika mnatumianga dating apps?

seeking arrangement iko Kenya?

my experience using dating apps in kenya.

i. chics under 30 are out to have a good time. alpha males and west africans excel in this category.
ii. chics between 30-35 are in a rush to get hitched but still have ‘standards’. Most are singo mathas. They will require you to tick all boxes and disregard the fact that they are overweight or have baggage in the form of kids. Beta males excel in this category.
iii. mamas between 35-40 understand that they are no longer desirable and will use phrases such as ‘mature God-fearing man’ to lure their prey. They are desperate. Likely to offer sex without much fuss but beware. This is a trap to lure you into commitment. Avoid these
iv. 40+ women. They want companionship. They don’t care for titles. Wababas excel in this field.

Best Summary of the Dating App scene in Kenya:D:D:D
Although ulisahau another category:

v. Attention whores. Just joined the apps to get free validation. Have no real intentions of ever meeting up with you. Just using the apps because the guy they really want is ignoring them.The free attention they get helps rebuild their self esteem.

In my hey days, OkCupid worked for me. Tinder is full of ratchets. With cupid you get decent women of substance. I smashed a good chunk. The easiest lays are those women in their late 20s and early 30s looking to settle down. Once they realize you have your shit together and can be a good provider, they drop their pants very fast.

Those admins have eaten my money

The only dating app I have ever used is 2go.

You had good results on OkCupid?
Bumble,Tinder and Tagged has been easier for me.
How did you do it - cause that one is my worst performer.


Tagged ndio mama yao. I customize age limit to 19-23. Then i start narrowing down