Whats your favorite Mobile game?

I personally enjoy playing Clash of Clans

your mom gobbling on my balls is a way better sport… ngombe

Hii inakaa keypee ya tauren na kapoti

Candy Crush - Level 7,398

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efootball check my avatar

8 ball

Head ball

Dream league 2023. Bado najenga stadium, playing in division 3…:D:D before I discovered Ktalk nilikuwa nacheza hio game (DLS 2014) hadi usiku wa manane.

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I remember playing it until almost at the top league and then one day I moved to iOS and wasnt able to transfer my progress, I just gave up

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Tomb raider

I used to play Call of Duty Mobile Battle royale but ukizeeka video games do not appeal anymore. Ilikua game fity lakini. Nice weapons and graphics.

On phone?

Hii stuff nilicheza sana nikiwa high schooln arudi chuo bila hata kuguza assignments before I transitioned to FIFA nikiwa Campo and now efootball (pes)…ningekuwa na sons kama @Yuletapeli naeza kuwa naguza nao vibaya sana


Yeah. It is almost a fully fledged call of duty game for mobile devices. Kwanza kama simu yako ni ya maana ucheze na maximum frame rate na graphics ni fity sana. Lazima ucheze online. [ATTACH=full]493153[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]493154[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]493155[/ATTACH]

Space Impact

Plants vs Zombies

Matching blocks na Word game

Hey there! I’m new to this forum, and I’m also a big fan of mobile games. I used to play Clash of Clans too, but I recently found a whole bunch of new games for my iPhone.