What's wrong with some wimps of men??

[B][I]I mean why do you have to force yourself to be ‘loved’ by a woman who doesn’t give a fnck about you?
Just read this wimp’s story(He is trying to get ‘help’ from that Kitoto guy of Daily Nation)

Dear Philip,[/I][/B]

I am 31 years old and last September, I met a 26 year old woman. She has a daughter who turned three in March.

The father of the child is still around and some time in December the daughter was taken to visit her father.

I did not have an issue with this and advised my girlfriend that if the dad wants to be seeing the daughter then its better he picks up the responsibility of school fees too.

Come January, the dad didn’t assist so I chipped in with part of the fees for the child who I have come to love as my own.

In January we had issues about my not helping her with her bills, I got upset and pulled away. I thought things through and I decided that we needed to be partners and improve our communication which I figured was the major issue.

We met last month and she told me she is not interested in the relationship any more and we should just be friends.

I felt bad since instead of discussing the issues when they first arose, I had opted for the easier route of walking away.

On the same day, she called me and told me that she had been in an accident and broken her shoulder bone. I went to see her and I took care of her.

Now she is much better.

Then a week ago, she became cold and she told me that our friendship was only is giving me false hope that things may work. She said that she did not want me to change for her.

Since then she has been cold and does not even pick my calls or text me back. Kindly advise me on how I can save this relationship.


stupid man, nkt. any story by a single mum/father I take it with a pinch of salt, I don’t judge them but I know there is another side to the story, its better you don’t discuss that

Dan= @Davidee

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vile @Mwenyewe amesema

@Davidee this bitch ass negroid sounds like you

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Yenyewe hizi ni tabia za @Davidee hivi hivi.


I don’t trust Daily Nation. I highly suspect Kitoto himself wrote that letter to himself. #Monologue

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kumbe hivi ndio jamaa alopoteza 7k

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@ol monk wapi mbisha ya hio publication??



And where does that DN2 editor work? Since I discovered FM stations stage manage call in programmes, there is no media house I can trust.

@Unicorn, unaona… Alafu uniite stupid male chauvinist [ATTACH=full]5183[/ATTACH]

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Atajuaje ni wewe? Na Kitoto alikusaidia?


Wewe, hii ni masaa gani unacheka, you starting to get me worried.

Njaro zako za kupata nyap ziko down

Wewe endelea kuomba kivyako wachana na njaro zangu. But I score more often than you.

I’m just a happy camper

in your dreams biach

Wewe wachana na mimi mtoto ya malaya. Today is Monday sikuwa nataka nianze week na matusi.