What's with women and cars

Women love private travel. Any man should have at least a rickety rackety thing with wheels. Vyenye mabibi zenu na girlfriends wanabehave wakiingia magari zetu, wacha tu. Girlfriends become single and married women relax to the point unaguza nyonyo na hawezi hata sema ako na bwana ama bf. I mean mpaka msee wa nduthi hupata action. This gender is cursed.:D:D:p:cool::cool::p:D

bottom of the barrel chokoraas wenye extended family mzima haijakuwa na gari

meffi wewe nv takataka

Stop next to any woman with one of these beauties and the knickers just start sliding off by themselves … :D:D


Women are attracted to funny things

I asked my late siz…mbona mnapenda mujamaa akona gari…and she told me…mtu Ako na gari inamaanisha he can maintain her lifestyle…atu ku maintain gari si mchezo.

You must be a comedian in the bedroom

Bullshit.:smiley: too common.
This one on the other hand

…the things we can do… I can already spot ten positions of pure niceness.

Ukimpeleka road trip,utapewa slices

:D:D:D maintaining a car and maintaining a woman’s lifestyle cannot be equal.

That’s why utapata wenye magari wataweka ball,halafu watu wa kupitia mathree ndio watawasomesha.as a man always check on ur steps

Gari inaongeza bei ya lanye

Ahaaaa …!!
We share common ground on this weighty matter… :D:D:D



Hehe, you’re slow bro–talking of them sliding off. She’s taking positions, already!:smiley:

Cars are a good indicator of socioeconomic status and women have always preferred higher status men. You dont need to be a genius to know that. If every man gets a car they will use some other criteria to identify high status men.

Women control the sexual marketplace and they receive hundreds of CVs from men monthly. They have to find a way of sifting through dirt to find the best dating option and a car is a decent filter.

This topic was closed by an elder who hinted that the only thing a man is money and God!

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Who wouldn’t want to boink inside a Maybach regardless of gender? Pia wewe unaweza chotwa :D:D:D:D

Hehe, Nah, You gotta be much more impressive as a person, than your car.

She is thinking like a woman, not like a man. She thinks men are attracted to the same things she is attracted to. A man would rather smash a hot broke 22 year old student in a mabati shack than a 55 year old sugar mummy in a maybach any day. She would never understand.

It’s just evolution, women flock to high value men. And the man on the other hand, smashes them all. And most of those women are in committed relationships, marriages. Very few women are ever single

It’s like the man is rewarded for his hardwork

Amen to that.