What's wiith the Weird Accent?

Does speaking in a made up accent when you grew up in a dusty no water no electricity, extremely poor and undeveloped village make you sound like a genius?

Na mbona Amerkans wakija Kenya huwa hawarudi kwao na Kenyan accent. Hio story ya watu kukaa miezi kadhaa majuu wanarudi na accent ilitoka wapi?


High grade upumbavu they think wakiongea na hio accent they will look smarter.

:D:D:Dpart of the reason i hate people who talk in English in public spaces

Twang ki english tukuogope. Ii upus ya ki americano anybody can do it

Thereino such thing as an “American accent.” What he is using is a non existent accent

What if they are talking with Queen Elizabeth or President Trump? Unataka waongee Kikuyu?

Ata mimi niliskia hii ghaseer ikiongea nikashangaa. Kumbe Malawi ili-import prisdent from USA :D:D:D
I already found his middle name McCarthy weird but dismissed it as a bonoboistic quirk. Sikuwahi skia kikiongea.
Kuna time niliwahi uliza why Schwarzenegger still has an Austrian accent more than 5 decades after leaving the country, na bonobo ita-acquire “American accent” two weeks after landing in the Yunaires states? What’s even more puzzling, bonobo akirudishwa Kenya bado ata-maintain “American accent” a decade later, despite being around people who don’t have such accents.

Malawi hakuna piped water na Ile nyumba mrefu sana ni kama ghorofa za Pipeline Kwa Wakamba.


Mjifunze kuongea na mapua

Nataka niende China nijue mandarin

i mean ile scenario uko shop or some informal space and people trying the hardest to speak in American accents…

Stupid idiot complaining and 80% of what you wrote is in English. Youre a Fucking idiot

It depends if you are in the US and want to be understood you better get an accent otherwise ukienda hapo with what Mr Kinuthia who is also the bodaboda guy taught as english in Gituamba Primary DEB you are better of using sign language , but uki rudi nyumbani you better hit the reset button ukumbuke mapua niya kupumuwa !

Na mbona watu wakienda chima au japan huwa hawarudi wakiongeo. “Ayam fery soree. I rafu my kantree of Kinyaa”

You gorrit.

I can’t believe that fools from a country where billions of covid money has been stolen and thieves happily enjoying the stolen money can only notice the accent of a man taking action on covid money thieves in his country.

Fuaking idiots !!!

As for me, false accent or not I highly commend him and what he did.


Maiko don’t act like a doofas. You need to change your accent to be understood i some of these countries. Chinese can understand our Kenyan accent bila shida. The same cannot be said about America, UK, Canada, Australia. You will change it and apply it vilivyo.
Pls spend more time reading other peoples’ posts rather than re-posting like you always do. Instead of digging up such posts…

He has a doctorate in theology & worked in a seminary. Seems like he’s basing his whole shtick off of some black southern preacher.

bora apige kazi sioni shida

That accent of his sound like naturally acquired from living abroad and not like the false ones from a 2 week stay abroad.