Whats the reason behind the Name.

[INDENT]Most guys here (me included) dont use their real names for reasons best known so we opted for other names. But over the course I’ve come across very unique names that made me sit and wonder who does that so lets mention some names so that the owners can give us the back story ( it can be a movie etc) or you can explain on your own.[/INDENT]

@Unataka kujua ili?

@Bingwa Scrotum

@T.Vercetti because he likes gaaay porn

Are you investigating something?

Nah just socialising.

I called myself ‘Loose Scrotum’ …then @Mundu Mulosi in his wisdom christened me ‘Bingwa Scrotum’ …perfect for my high IQ and good skin color (Bronze)

:D:D very gay of @Mundu Mulosi.


Matako juu juu kama @Masgwembe ya panya.