What's the endgame to this pandemic?

Ok folks, I know some of you understand global affairs and to an extend have read about pandemics especially global ones like this thing we are fighting. So what’s the end game? I’m so confused about the whole thing regarding our response and preparedness as a globe.

Now, what would happen if in let’s say six months time we would not have found a cure/vaccine for this virus? Are we going to continue being indoors? Will economies sustain providing food and basic necessities yet the economy is literally in standstill? Will there be resources and public good will to continue staying under lockdowns or we will give up and say liwe liwalo leaving the virus to fate? I mean, what would happen now?

I’m asking this because everything I’m reading seems to suggest that the closest we can get a breakthrough is in eight months. I read something like that from Russia. I saw US saying it can take up to 18 months. Tutazidi kukaa hivi bila plan?

And why is it taking such a long time to find a cure/vaccine yet we have modern technology and scientific foundations that researchers can build on and find something? How did they get a breakthrough in 1918? I’m so confused and concerned about this whole thing really!

We are a shithole country. We need a customized approach for a shithole country. It is as simple as that.

There are many things they can do that we cannot do AT THE MOMENT. They can make ventilators which they are banned from exporting until they have enough. They can also feed locked down people for months which we can’t. The only advantage we have over them is time and climate (unverified).

In my opinion, we need a group of highly skilled people who can propose a custom-made approach for Kenya taking into account the available resources at our disposal e.g we cannot make ventilators, but we can make masks etc. Improvising might save us if the government hires thinkers with extensive knowledge about the virus and in engineering/innovation. Our best chance at survival is preventing its spread using a custom-made approach that is unique for Kenya. If we allow the disease ifike levels za Italy, then we are sitting ducks.

Philosopher Bertrand Russel said " there is no room for the unfit. They shall be left alone to perish". That is not verbatim. Your body mounts an immune response to all pathogens. The weaker die and the strong live, till we have the genes of the resilient. That happens in real jungle life that we call our body systems. However with intervention(meds/vaccine) it ceases to be jungle life. Humans can’t all die because of a pandemic!

Fair enough, but then how will this last? Wil countries acrosss the world be able to put up with curfews and lockdowns further in let’s say eight months if we will not have found a cure/vaccine? What would be the likely scenario now.

Cure / vaccine legally procedurally takes 12-18 months. From all the test in human, reaction etc it takes time so till 2021 for any medication.

End game.

End of globalisation. Countries will be very mean with accepting foreigners and travel restrictions will be the order of the day and new way of travelling globally with be effected.

Supply chains going back to mother countries. China will be hit hard here. Read all those apple products you see written assembled in China will go back to mother countries.

Formation of region allies. 1 for revenging against China for all this and 2 for supporting china. Already there are some talk that the $2 trillion package in USA should not help Chinese businesses in USA.

Poor countries to be without AID for sometime now. NGOs will die slow death. Already 2019 foreign AID were diminishing day by day. 2020 mother countries will help its citizens first before affording foreign AID to organisations.

Africa situation is still unknown, but from look of things we will be the last region to mitigate all this thus we will be secluded when the world gets back to normalcy.

Read by December 2020 maybe the rest of the world will have been able to lower their absolute numbers but Africa maybe numbers are coming up not big numbers but still new infections here and there so the imposed travel bans to secure their borders.

For now till something miraculous happens it will be

Lockdown whole territory.
Contain absolute numbers.
Open life polepole.
Lockdown still remaining city or towns with infections.
Travel bans still in place.

Wait and see.

Repeat, Wash & Rinse

Great input, but start with you in that little way that you thought matters less. A country is its people, and you are one of them. Have you ever stood your ground, and found yourself fighting everybody? If you have never, then you are part of what ails the society! Look at Alai, Boniface Mwangi, Raila,Khaminwa, Njoya, Orengo…those guys have felt the brunt of it; been beaten etc

I know right. And I know the human race has been here before having faced worst pandemics and that’s what raises my curiosity. How did they come out of that crisis? Coz right now no one seems to have clarity on what the future holds for us?

Nobody knows exactly how long, but expect at least 12-18 months when the majority of the population will become infected/acquire immunity, and/or a vaccine becomes available. The reason for the curfews and lockdowns is so that the healthcare system doesn’t get swamped all at once. The 1918 flu pandemic lasted about 18 months in the USA.

From an epidemiology standpoint, the Corona’s growth is exponential, meaning that deaths will spike but decline sharply thereafter. Why? (1) Deadly viruses quickly run out of weak people to kill and (2) human response slows it’s constant growth

Great stuff there. Now that you read that by December 2020 the rest of the world will have probably flattened their curves, what will we be doing? Will we still be indoors? I know it will take time for countries to normalize foreign travels but internally watu watasurvive aje?

Don’t worry about other countries. Worry about Kenya. In Kenya, a total lockdown is not possible. A partial lockdown is the best route. People have to work to feed their families. That is why I think Kenya needs a customized approach to this mess, sio za wazungu.

All will be well, us scientists assure you. A quick one. Would u be willing to donate your corpse for medical research?

Would u be willing to donate your corpse for medical research?

Lemmie ask you something. For those that have recovered from the virus, is there possibility that they can get reinfected again? I mean is there patients that have recovered and contracted the virus again? And when does a person become immune.

Hi, I am attWould u be willing to donate your corpse for medical research?

I honestly want to live but if it takes me then there is nothing I can do. I am believer of fate.

If 4-5% of the infected die, pray that you aren’t one of them! Nature has a way of getting rid of the unfit!

Interesting. I saw something, a research by Imperial College, London predicting that the virus will kill at least 40 million people around the world if the current public health measures are strictly observed. And if the current public health measures are slightly improved then the virus will kill 9.5 million people across. I don’t know if you guys saw it.

Africans need to start trading amongst themselves and developing home grown industries. This pandemic, elections around the world, climate change, scarcity of resources all point to nations retreating inward. Lakini our leaders ni shida tupu

  1. Developed countries won’t be exporting ventilators and other critical medical supplies.
  2. Developed countries will shut Africa out completely when they begin to make progress. They won’t risk re-infection. In fact, they already have.

Our best chance is to use whatever we have, improvise, and live long enough for a cure to be found. In short, we need a customized approach for Kenya which will slow the spread of the virus while allowing people to work during the day. We will still get sick and some will die, but majority will survive long enough to get vaccinated.

The truth is we have depended too heavily on foreign nations and we will be punished for it.