Whats the color of this dress

The world will be divided into two groups regarding the color of a dress, where do you stand. Blue & black, or white & gold, whats the color of this dress?

blue and gold

Blue black

Blue black

Nashangaa pia. I see white and gold but my bro swears it’s blue and black.

how will this pay my rent exactly

Does browsing on ktalk pay your rent? Yet you’re here.

By being here you have accepted kulipa rent ya mwenye hapa. Soma terms and conditions.


It was white and gold mchana but now its blue and black

you dont answer a question with another.

Blue and Gold.But what fuckery is this?It’s all over the internet.

white and gold

white/gold and blue

wenye wanasema ni white, kweli hiyo dress rangi yake inafanana na background ya ktalk



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If you are using a TFT screen, it will show you a shade of blue and a shade of black. If you are using OLED or IPS you might see different stuff. Similarly, if you are viewing at an angle, you will see different colors. TFT has high fidelity to reality. If you are using CRT, we dont know what you are seeing, and perhaps you are getting it Black & white

However, the actual physiology of your eye might come into play with how you perceive the dress. According to Neitz, an individual’s lens, which is part of the eyeball, changes over the course of one’s lifespan. Individuals are less sensitive to blue light when they are older. Which could explain why older netizens are seeing white and gold.

Kama unaona gold jua wewe ni mkongwe utayarishe will

What:eek::D. Me is dead woman walking


IPS ndio mambo yote.

White & gold, whichever angle you tilt it