What's The Best TV Box On The Market?

Kuna mtu anataka nimnunulie TV box, but mimi for sure I know nothing in this area. Price is no concern. What’s the best and why?

check online retailers for reviews.

I wouldnt even know what to look out for. To be honest hata sijui TV Box ni nini for sure.
I’d rather just go buy and be done with it.



You’re really new

just explain to me what needs to be bought and what’s good about it

First, for any meaningful recommendations, you could state your budget. But since, you haven’t, I suggest you get an LG OLED TV, or any OLED for that matter. You will not regret.

Boss, why do you commit yourself to buy for someone something you have no clue about?

tv box not tv. you obviously already know what happened for me to make that commitment

oh seems i answered two people in one text when i shouldnt have

How did you emerge top countrywide on some subject like you said few days ago if you dont have basics about a TV box.
Ulisoma wakati ya ile Mmeru ndefu,i think Kaimenyi…fake product you are

Sina haja ya TV ndio maana sijui


Depends on what they want to do with it… For just normal TV watching go for low level boxes like mxq… At around 3000 ksh. For good streaming and variety go for firestick or roku dongles… Budget 8k plus. And you need to have good internet connection to stream… 2 mbps and above.

The best TVs are oLEDs and made by LG. Get a B8 or C9 . Those have exceptional ratings and price .

Just been reminded that I haven’t come through on this.
If I go to the shop, nasema tu I want a firestick / roku dongles? Never bought either, never used either.
Amazon Firestick it will be then.