Whats Happening With Binanace? Has anyone been using them?

Guys should be carefull when choosing an online platform to trade crypto. Binance has malizad accounts of people. There was a time I wanted to use them but couldnt seem to find a customer support email. Chungeni pesa zenu


Crypto world if fuken risky, you can lose all your funds in a flash…all that info you put out in their sites could come back to bite you in the azz.

Unaezaje invest kampuni inaitwa Binanace asin BANANA. You are also not serious. Plus crypto ni ukora tupu

Tumia cex.io

:D:D:D ati cex.io yani sex hiyo. Hamko serious

I have used Binance for years. Never experienced a single problem. Watu wamechomeka and start blaming the exchange. Bonobos will always lose money and try to shift blame to anyone but themselves.

sija watch video…
1st guess, alikuwa aki margin trade / future trade (sijui inaitwajwe) akawa liquidated

Stop trading shitcoins, ati 1 inchdown, sijui up, just trade more stable coins, tamaa ni ya nini?

“you have made paper gains and now think you are as rich as i am”

cz amechesa kama yeye akanyorosha watu na leverage tokens:D:D:D

Trusting binance/other centralised exchanges is like trusting a poko… That aside how one compounds his /her errors by trading his/her life savings on leverage I don’t understand…
I’m a few months old into crypto but even I know a few things like not keeping my funds or crypto on exchanges… Binance I enter and exit like a brothel, stay there at your own risk

Tumia etoro

Finance is designed to appeal to as many users as possible and from my point of view it’s trustworthy. The exchange is simple enough for newbies to use, and offers enough coins and features to keep expert traders happy, as well. I would recommend Finance to crypto traders of almost every level of experience. However if you are a newbie I would also suggest you this platform https://libertex.com/indices/nasdaq-100.