What's going on Between President Macron and Rihana.. Hapa iko kitu


A thread was posted earlier…

Hio grip ya Macron joe

he mus love dark meat

This happened more than an year ago ,how is it news ?

Hiyo grip ni tight sana

Tulisema Jana nothing is going on. Default settings zake Macron ni shosh mode.

Without details nor reference materials for authenticity…Shosh unapenda kuniangusha…By the way hiyo grip ya Macron on Rihana unaionaje?

We are discussing that grip on Rihana not news…Shudduf :meffi:


Sawa endeleeni .Sawa while at it discuss why the earth is flat .10 marks

Because of Chinese constructors

Habari za kwako?
Ningeitafuta lakini I hate doing searches. Trawling through old threads is a big yawn. Macron is a weirdo so that grip means anataka hizo vitu right there. Rihanna seems to be pre-occupied elsewhere na hataki hiyo mambo kwa hivyo hapati ng’o. Having said that could you be doing a quick trawl on threads before posting?wewe, micymas na mod mulosi…


Sawa Shosh… on the grip you are right… Micron has been salivating for Rihana ever since… atie bidi vitu atapewa Rihana sio mchoyo

I try

Trying to twist every photo or moment to a discussion about sex (uality) is sooo low

How many feet low?

Almost 6