Whatever happened to Kethi Kilonzo?

I remember Cord thinking they had found a messiah when she argued that election petition at the Supreme Court.
It turned out that she was a fraud. She lied that she had registered to vote. I wonder what happened to her case.
Perhaps she’ll bounce back and carry Cord to StateHouse. Perhaps

yea booty licker

Do tell us self-confessed homosexual what happened to Kethi. Is she going to be crucial in 2017? ama you guys were clinging to anything that would give Cord a microscopic chance?

she couldn’t handle the heat of kenyan politics.

Mr booty licker, you should first tell us what your drunk president is doing about security. Kenyans are loosing their lives daily in hands of a rag tag militia

My goodness, for a shoga you are really the dumbest one. Ok I’ll explain to you what is happening.
There is a global problem with insecurity. Kenya with its limited resources is being strained by Al Shabaab. I know you don’t really care for Kenyans dying because it boosts your argument. But Kenyans are not going to buy that b.s. and so Rayila will not be prezzo.

Yes. She wilted fast

I suspect she might try to run in Nairobi. You don’t come that close to real power and just go back to being a lawyer.

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Mr Booty licker
Mon May 25, 2015 11:16 pm
(a) Why were the police not in armoured

(b) Where was the aerial surveillance that is helicopters for rapid response,

(c) How did the Alshabab who carried out the terror attack enter Kenya?Where was the immigration?Out of 25,000 KDF soldiers,only 2000 are in Somalia so where are the rest to patrol our borders?

(d) Since the Alshabab managed to cross the border due to failure in immigration and border patrol,where was the intelligence to filter the
terror cells before the attack?

(e) Garissa measures 45,000KM2,How many police officers do we have stationed there?How can the police send 20 officers in yumbis while alshabab battalion is reported to be 9000 militants which inturn means that they can even send 500militants to carry out a terror attack,

(f) What type of weapons did the officers have?

Your clueless president plus his bunch of corrupt tribal mates calling themselves government of kukuyus are totally INCOMPETENT

Ngoja madaraka day utaona izo limited resources!

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Sasa wewe shoga umeamua to keep me talking about this all day? What’s wrong? The men you service are not available to give you attention? I will not contaminate myself anymore by responding to a homosexuals questions about politics or others

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i remember the lady confessing that she had joined nursery school in the field of politics but…she had forgotten that moi was a professor in the field by 2001…

Indeed, politics is not a guard with pebbles inside that you can shake just like me

last i saw her she had gained weight like nobody’s business

Siwesmind kulalua hizo vitu. That forehead gives you ample space to hold while she blows you.


:D:D chyeth


She is probably out there making millions while you and ua friend atwoli are yapping here

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You feel bad because I told off your friend who you’re trying to say he’s my friend? Reverse psychology doesn’t work on me because it just exposes you