What You Need To Know Before Installing Solar in Kenya

What You Need To Know Before Installing Solar in Kenya

Sande boss.

You must know that solar uses the Sun and not the Moon. You have to know that during bad weather your power will be a bit crappy. You must know and if you can, add more backups. In case the power is many you can store the rest. You must know that solar is expensive to install but cheap to maintain. You must now try and forget KPLC bills after installation

Those harnessing the power of their star are in the second civilisation. tafakari hayo.

Sasa unataka birrionares hapa kuweka Solar on the roof of their single rooms?

What would be the setup for polycrystalline solar panels (330Wx14)?


Number of Batteries? etc

So far…doing a bit of research.

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Informative thread

Gotten in touch with https://powerpointsystems.com/

Let me wait for their response on an envisaged architecture and cost.

I’m seriously considering this option after I got screwed by a power blackout mayai zikiwa kwa incubator.



Weka solar kama una pesa ya kuharibu, ama, kama kplc ni customers wako, utakuwa unawauzia stima kwa bei ya juu.