What would you have done?..

Leo I spent all day at the Notting hill Carnival in London.
Took the kids and they enjoyed the music,chaos etc while I thoroughly “safishad MAcho” with all the half naked girls all over the place.This Carribbean women are totally shameless!!!..

Anyway, we are all done for the day, and we are heading back home to the kids’ respective Baby-mommas,kidogo I get a text from one of the Baby-mommas ati “please Ka-Buda,pitia hapo Kwa shop uniletee maziwa na bread watoi hawana breakfast”

No problems.
So I stop at the nearest shop I could park conveniently.

Total stranger in this neighborhood so nikafungia waniaju Kwa ndae, and I rushed in.
Turns out it’s a bigger shop than it looks from outside and God knows where they keep their milk and bread!
Mbele yangu naona a cute looking tall bootilicious black woman ameiva and she looks like she is from around here.
I need to get back to the kids in the car ASAP plus I want to hear her accent nijue ama kuna vile.

She turns out to be Black British and she is more than happy to show me where the milk is.
She is wearing all white and as she turns around to lead me in the direction of the milk fridges, I take a quick passing glance at her “fundamentals” and no word of a lie, this woman has the biggest red stain right between her legs! (Obviously period blood)
It’s totally visible and it leaves me frozen for a while.

Yaani such a cute looking beautiful woman and she is bila clue that she is on her period?

This is the second time this has happened to me, the first time was at a butcher shop and I said nothing.
I still feel guilty todate.
This woman has been nice to me and I thought to myself the least I could do was to let her know.
I also noticed that she didn’t have a jumper or jacket juu it’s been really hot today in London.

As soon as she directed me to the fridge, and as she turned to walk away, I gave her my sweater and told her to cover her stained behind! Straight up!

I bet she knew what I meant straight away she shrunk with embarrassment but kept a straight face long enough to thank me!

Mimi nimempatia business card nikadai anigotee akiosha sweater ya mine tupange venye nitaiwai.

There is a Greek saying that describes this kind of fate… " ciakorire Wacu Mugunda" loosely translated, good luck won’t find you while you slamber it comes to those that are out and about hustling.

What would you have done KTalkerz?


Ningeita Waweru Pwegegegeggegegegegegegegeggegegegege :smiley:

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That’s just below the belt though I don’t know why am laughing. You dd the right thing kabuda.

Dinner and ferk.

What would I have done? Ningepiga mbisha to support my hekaya, Kate gani?


I’d have gone back to Nottingham hill, taken pics of shameless caribbeans and posted here asap.
Then the kids home:D:D


Mbisha are cumming soon but have you ever been in this kind of situation?


The little guy is proud of you. Keep him employed.

Ka-buda you deserve castration for not providing X-Ray evidence of Caribbean women.

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kwani walikuwa gays carnival?

Ninge piga picha kwanza

I’ve been to that festival a few years ago. Those west indian, caribbean yout be crazy… Lakini the immigrants there with no papers at that time were on high alert, unasimamishwa unaulizwa makaratasi. Unaenda festival umebeba all immigration docs. lol


You just get her attention and whisper it to her.

Stop another lady in the store and tell her to quietly pull her aside and help.

Those European authorities are brutal.

I have experienced something close on several occasions, I turn around to view a shapely behind in tights only to see the ugly shape of a pad clearly outlined.
Damn, aren’t there supposed to be clothes that go with 'those days? :

Never encountered such. But those Caribbean pics bro

Story za huyu bibi ya waweru 99% ni uwongo

I disagree with you at @ka tony and Simiyu. There is no stop and search for docs in the United Kingdom, that happens in the rest of Europe led by evil Germans. They tried to implement it but there was a huge uproar unless you have committed a crime in which case you will need to identify yourself be you white British or from wherever i.e drink driving, or such. However, the Carnival is a crimes hotspot as it is mainly a Caribbean event and most Jamaicans are known hardcore criminals who have a sense of entitlement, pls note not the rest like St Lucia, Dominican Republic, Haiti , Trinidad and Tobago na kathalika. So expect vvvv heavy police presence to prevent knifings. Even when a plane is landing from Jamaica airport officials expect drama.

What would uwesmake do?

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