What would you do

So yesterday I was drinking from a balcony of one of the clubs in tao and drama ensued near the club. A dude A has his bitch B and some other bitches were talking. Dude’s A bitch starts arguing with one of the other bitches and in no time they start fighting. The dude’s bitch nikaslim shady so she was overpowered and caught by the hair.
The dude tries to intervene but the other bitch ain’t letting go and she keeps holding and hitting the dude’s bitch. The dude the starts punching the aggresor and other bitches join to fight the dude. One of them is continuously hitting the guy in the face with a high heeled shoe mpaka it leaves the dude bleeding and the bitches disappear. What would you have done in a similar situation?

The most sensible thing. Drink and watch from the balcony, just like you.


why hadn’t he restrained his…er…woman before the row turned physical?

Men don’t chapa women… no exception. You make sure you hold one of them real tight such that she can’t disappear.

Haha…okay…but assuming you were the one caught up in this…what would you do?

Hungechukua picha from that balcony?


Si angebeba mtu wake na ajitoe from that situation. Ama kama hataki kusikia, unawaacha hapo take some video clips and then share on worldstar.

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always try to diffuse the situation early on by restraining your girl, was once in a similar situation and the ensuing scuffle made me realize they far outnumbered me and the girl I ended up losing my phone and about 6k that was in the wallet. Sometimes they provoke you with the sole intention of drawing you into a scuffle in which you stand no chance then they rob you


Take my drink and move to a safer distance several tables away, sit back and enjoy the free show.

What of the girl who was hitting him with a high heeled shoe on the face…I would unleash the fury on her and put her down as she intended to cause very serious injuries on the dude.


Achana na hawa modern day gentlemen. When a woman acts like a man she sure as hell will be treated like one.


Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. –Mathew 5:9

If it was me ningeshow hao bitches vile palm of Buddha husambazwa kama vile @kiLo- did after kuitwa African Booty Scratcher


Kama mimi ni wewe. kutulia tu boss na niassume hakuna noma.

Haingefika hapo. Kuna mtu angekua owned already.

The worst thing ni kuenda kwa local ya watu wengine. Liquor scale yako ikishapanda, you start dancing with someone’s bitch who is purposely sent to you alafu aanze drama. Niccur zikukujie uporwe na ata bouncer hawawezi kubail.

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“Since women want equal rights they should be just as entitled to equal lefts.”
Iron Mike Tyson


Na si ungechukua mbisha ata moja ukiwa kwa hiyo advantage position?
Hekaya confirmed.

Haha…unfortunately they were all in trousers so there was nothing good to warrant a picture

It’s not Tyson. It’s Tython


It’s not Tyson. It’s Tython