What Would Matiang'i Do To Economic Terrorists Such As Rotich & Waititu?

We need to vote this man in come 2022. Voting for a thief such as Ruto will take this country back to the days of Primary School Teacher Moi. Grand scale public theft will be the order of the day.

i liked that cartoon

Matiangi is a very corrupt person. The courts made verdict on that if you care to follow. He sold the government its own land ksh 1.5 billion. 2022 you will just be selecting a thief among the thieves to reign over you for the next 5 years

So ruto is the best thief ama unajaribu kusema

Ruto is a thief and corrupt just like Uhuru, Raila, Matiangi and the rest. I am just saying whoever is winning 2022 will be a thief. I can guarantee you that

The thing I do not like about ruto is dishing out money like peanuts, the way moi used to do. That mentality that development comes from giving money to public in harambee fxns is what kibaki tried to stop and we were doing well. The same mentality is at work when mps want a pay rise so that they can have money for harambees. Using public money to bask in glory of how generous you are, who are you kidding, we are not that stupid.
Uhuru on the other hand is cluesless when it comes to economics, he is killing small and medium business. Yet he wants more tax to build infrustructure on loan. I won’t mention the rest like raila, kalonzo, madvd etc they are disorganised and confused ass kissers

Can’t we try them

You and me can vote them… Bur i can guarantee you they wont win the seat. We know what Kenyan politics is like. We gotta accept it for now. The other day i was in a public transport with a friend travelling and discussing how all the top political leaders Ruto, Kalonzo Uhuru Raila Mudavadi and others are corrupt abd and peopel termed me stupid and fool for insinuating Ruto is corrupt and these other leaders. So i expect no change in Kenya

Everyone is a thief. But we need a thief who has spine and will not auction us to the Chinese and other Bulgarian cartels. We need Ruto, if we are to get a few things right


i can consider them…



I dont get it, kibaki was a thief uhuru is a thief but the dont share their loot, sasa toto akipatiana his proceeds from looting inakuwa shida

Na matiangi hawezi patiwa yeye ni kama ruto he is firm, if he starts to be independent now hio file ya ruaraka imewachwa ipate dust will quickly be dusted and presented in court. He is only serving the empire now when they dont need him they will just dispose him

it is worse when you steal and floss around, it is like saying it is okey to steal and therefore everyone should steal

Bullshit. This is the same man that signed off on Ksh 1billion for a fake land claim.

Matiangi is nothing more than an incompetent bully.

There are a lot of stupid Kenyans with votes. You will be surprised how many are buying into Lootall’s act.

mkuki kwa nguruwe, my thief is better than yours because he does not show off, your thief is bad because he shows off/gives out his stolen stuff

Its is worse if you steal and store the loot in foreign accounts