What would happen if NFD was declared a sovereign state

For those who have seen this:


I know you are thinking…

What if Kenya was to hand NFD independence in 2019 DEC; what will likely happen is:

  1. JAN 2020: Somalis start killing Boranas and Gabra.
  2. The Borana and Gabra migrate into Kenya.
  3. Somali warlords turn on each other inflicting massive casualties on civilians.
  4. JUL 2021: Famine strikes
  5. DEC 2021: Alshabaab annex and establish caliphate in NFD, sema wasomali kuchinjwa kama mbuzi…
  6. APR 2022: Dadaab closed
  7. JUN 2022: Kenya opens a new refugee camp in Tsavo East National park to cater for fleeing Somalis.
  8. AUG 2028: Somalis declare Tsavo East an Independent State.

Or something along those lines…


Somalis are savage

Washasahau ile massacre pale kwa airstrip?

I sometimes sympathize with the residents of North Eastern. I tend to imagine the extent of their dissatisfaction must be immense given the remoteness of the region and the ineptness of the government. If a Nairobi resident can be highly dissatisfied with the government despite the available amenities and services, it must be hell in North Eastern. Couple that to the anti-terrorism crusade plus unfavorable climate and you will realize the secession should have happened yesterday.

Its time to let them be. Grant them their wishes

That turn of events is most likely true.

Add that to the fact a ghasia of a person like @patco hapo juu seems to be celebrating the massacre of unarmed Somali population in an air strip .This is something that is still ripe in the mind of Somalis.God knows how I felt after seeing that comment.

Personally i wont support a secession but a dialogue is clearly needed in this country regarding the Somali question.Past mistakes and injustices of previous governments have to be rectified and the surviving victims and families have to be sufficiently compensated.



They voted for jubilee kama mimi tu. Uhuru mlevi ameze tembe za kupunguza hangover. Wengine wakichoka wanaweza kwenda zao. Hata Handisheki Supreme Prince alikua anatengeneza taifa lake. Sisi suraku tutaenda wapi?

Ni nini uchokozi. Nime celebrate wapi?!

Wacha uchokozi ya wamama wa plot.

Feek you ghasia humbwa wewe.You know what you implied so stand by your stinking words.Freaking coward piece of shit using the massacre of unarmed civilians as a cheap political talking point.

I’ve said here before that I sympathise with all Kenyans from Kenya B and C. Not just North Eastern but Turkana ,Pokot , Lamu, Kilifi, Ukambani etc.

Since the colonialist drew on a map and called them Kenya B , no leader(s) including their own seems to give a damn. And today we have kids from these areas terrorizing the state due to years of neglect.

But then again even in Nairobi itself there are many who are marginalized and left to suffer on their own in the slums. Even in Central Kenya itself there is marginalisation and extreme cases of poverty. So hili ni swala nyeti.

:D:D:D oneni huyu…

Ni nini wewe? Where is this hatred coming from? All I asked was have they forgotten what happened the last time they aired their views to Kenyan status quo.

Naona unataka kunitafuta. Endelea.

Bullshit you were using the incident in a condescending almost boasting tone,Anyways tembeza kiatu i have shit to do

I dont know if you are Degodia or not, but if you are I cant imagine how pissed you must be. But what the Degodia were doing to the Adjuran (?sp) was also wrong and unacceptable. Unavamia mtu, piga yeye risasi and steal his whole heard of cattle? His lifelihood? Kila kitu? Ah zi. No way. I agree that massacre was wrong, but if nothing had been done only God know what would have happened to the Adjuran after they had surrendered their weapons and left as sitting ducks.

Wacha emotions bure. Wewe ndio unasoma vitu haziko. Creating things that have not been said. Can you calm down. No one has laughed at anyone.

In fact I demand an apology before you run away from the thread. Unatukanana aje kiholela holela. Kwanza on a Sunday morning.

Unlike Nairobi, the residents don’t pay any taxes unless they are national or County govt employees, they have easy access to untaxed and cheap sugar, rice, cooking oil and pasta in addition to this they are supplied all year round with relief food. They really have been having it rough.

[SIZE=6]The solution is soooo easy .[/SIZE]

North eastern people can stop their suffering by taking their kids to school and universities then moving to other parts of kenya and inter marrying and intergrating , it will be soo easy for them .

So your logic is that the Degodia “might” have attacked the Adjuran so instead of that distant probability happening,its better to just go ahead and murder 3000 innocent civilians in cold blood.Do you even listen to yourself before writing your thoughts.Uko na akili nyingine ya upumbaffu sana.

That right there is the attitude that causes endless strife among Somalis, na ukiambiwa huwezi kubali. Armed factions is the natural state of Somali society, all the way from Northern Somalia to NFD. Kabisa. Na ukiambiwa unaona watu wengine ni wajinga, ni wapumbavu. Mkiachiliwa mnauwana kama kuku, mkitawaliwa bado mnapiga makelele…

Mimi I dont need to be told what would have happened if Kenya left NFD to its devices. I just look at Somalia, what they have done to each other there. 500,000 dead. And counting. Wacha hii 3,000 unasema sema hapa.

hata huyu hapa alisemanga" Pwani Si Kenya" ona venye aliwekwa Dents kwa sura