What Women Want

Lots of money and some d*ck.
Thats all.
Talking from experience bros.
Now you know.

Go get it.

And leave a thank you hapo chini




[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]MEFFI

Elder umerewo?

You sir is wrong.

What women need is actually a tighter pussy and a job.

No, it’s the boob’s.
Nice shapely melons work the magic.

I wonder if there’s a woman who doesn’t want money and good sex.

And a tall handsome husband ama namna gani agemate?

You forgot ‘dark’.

say that again

Mathighs are you light skinned?

We women want everything… Especially if the other girl has it


Nope ,am chocolate.
Don’t know if that qualifies me as dark.


Wengi sana.

That is matte black in ktalk standards.

Damn, uyu ndo sa amebonga, imma recomment this women to u for advise, . They eating too much ask for stuff but the return on investment is total BS:D:D:D

Men need those two things more than women coz a man will work hard for the money and literally chase the pussy with equal zeal.
If you don’t like sex, why would you pay dowry to domesticate a pussy?
And if you don’t like money, why bother waking up so early and going to bed late?