I am British and have been happily married to a Kenyan lady for about 17 years.It is an unfortunate fact that many Kenyans still assume that westerners are all very rich and that countries such as the UK are the land of milk and honey. One way to get a ticket out of there would possibly be via a relationship. Or, it may be genuine.

My wife wanted to marry a westerner because of the philandering ways of Kenyan men. In her case, she had also spent time in the UK and knew what it was really like… my point being that this doesn’t just have to be about money.

I am British married to a Kenyan man and I’m an expatriate but he has always provided for me and never asked for a cent. Unfortunately, he is a rare breed here. Most Kenyans see foreigners as a pay cheque. I’m sorry to say that but it’s the unfortunate truth…it will start off as small amounts of money and become more and more and more till that is your only purpose. Also, she likely has other men on the side.

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Georgina and by these 2 shallow examples you sum up whites married to Kenyans?. I suggest you delete this thread. Do your research and then come back.

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There were others but since content was very explicit. About sexual performance, I decided not to post. The post was in a forum for expatriates, a jungu guy was asking advice about his Kenyan wife to be. Most were abt money and cheating but the side of the Kenyan men was worse. Thing is these are different people from different places having the same opinion so hawa watu wooote waneza kuwa wako wrong? I don’t think so.This our guys have a problem! But they want2blame everything on our women. How come the same women are happily married to foreigners!To Ugandans, every country Ive been to there’s Kenyan women married there.

Im going to Italy for the coming weeks will be back after elections. Hola. We can meet at Zen Garden.

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If ghosts do exist, and we’re firm believers that they do , it would only make sense that the undead would hang around places that people already believe to be haunted—especially super famous locations and touristy attractions like the Stanley Hotel in Colorado.
The Mausling family recently participated in a “spirit tour” at the 108-year-old Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. The Stanley Hotel helped to inspire Stephen King’s bestselling novel
The Shining. When they returned home and found a picture taken on the tour, they noticed a photo where it appears as though two young kids are walking up and down the stairs.
The problem? There were no young kids, at least no girls, in their tour group or anywhere around when John Mausling snapped the photo.
The Mausling family told the Huffington post…
“At first we tried to be logical and think we somehow missed her, so we asked our kids, their girlfriends and our friend if they remembered seeing a little girl. Nobody did. We do not remember seeing anything on the stairs when we took the picture.”
The photo above appears to show the presence of two spirits, at least according to the Mausling clan. The first is alone and standing on the second set of steps. On the first flight of steps, the photo shows two people—a tour guide and another guest—coming down the steps. In front of them appears to be another “spirit” ascending the steps. Double creepy.
To get to the bottom of the mystery, HuffPo enlisted the help of a former FBI agent who now works in the field of the paranormal. The expert said he found no obvious signs of trickery and the photo “ranks up there as one of the best photos of possible paranormal evidence” he’s seen so far.
The Stanley Hotel was built in 1909 and was the inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in the 1977 bestseller by the famed author and the 1980 film adaption. It was also the location for the 1997 miniseries. Since joining film and literary history, the hotel has gained a reputation for being a landing spot for apparitions and the undead.
While there’s no real way of knowing if the two ghosts did appear that night, the expert who spoke to HuffPo did have this little bit to add to the mystery.
“Through the stair railing posts you should see the lower half of this person like you do the tour guide and the shoes of the person on the stairs,” he explained, “but I can’t make out any lower half.”


It was about infidelity you say? @GeorginaMakena[ATTACH=full]130943[/ATTACH]

Who are “whites”? Why the fuck should their opinion matter?

If you generalize Kenyan men, then go to international sex guide Nairobi and read what white folks think about Kenyan women, most of them come to Kenya for sex holidays, they think that Kenyan women are desperate,loose, and broke and can be bought for cheap sex for as low as Kshs.3000 and are looking for sponsors. all which is not true

Me nimetoroka juu vifaranga vya computer and the other vifaranga wa kuku, watatusumbua bure, me nimechoka na drama ziko Kenya I need a break, siku hizi nimeachana na politics,nimeachana na news, hii mambo ya politics for a whole year, I will not be part of it. So wacha niachie mafahali, mabwenyenye,wenye nchi wajisort kisha wakisha maliza. sisi wanainchi tutoke mafichoni turegelee makwetu coz saa hata biz,yenyewe hamna. So lets plan for uko November! Or Dec!