What we knw as 4G is actually not 4G

The ‘Real’ 4G Still a Long Ways Off

Neither WiMAX nor LTE are truly considered a 4G technology by the International Telecommunications Union. As defined in their International Mobile Telecommunications Advanced (IMT Advanced) family of standards, these technologies must have target peak data rates of approximately 100 Mb/s on high mobility devices like cell phones and approximately 1 Gb/s for stationary devices like a 4G modem at home.
Currently there’s no device in the market tht supports "True 4G what we call 4G is actually Pre 4G or 3G+Advanced. In the future 4G devices will ship-in with (MIMO Antenna) multi-input multi-output external antenna for consistent data rate on True 4G aka LTE Advanced[ATTACH=full]4488[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]4489[/ATTACH]


ooooookay…safcom have once again fucked us in the ass

thats very true

So we will also be getting 5g, 6g, infinite g etc in future?

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Unless they come up with some other kind of battery technology I don’t see 5G being practical coz currently even 3G is somewhat heavy on lithium ion batteries thts we normally use…

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Wacha bangi, safcom has rolled out LTE Advanced, the first in SSA, kama kamenje yako haiwezani don’t blame the network

Not possible dude…were talking of speeds up to atleast 70mb/s download speed

The greatest challenge for portable tech right now is high performance processors yet the batteries are the same technology from over 10 years ago

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4G ya saf ata haina difference… ni bull crap