What was your break in life? Wasee let's give our mini hekayas.

Life journeys zi come through!

I made $1,000,000.00 on a single deal. Calculated in 8 weeks, Cumulative deal made $40,000,000/-

Am still looking for it.


Still a peasant, I’m creating a future testimony

Yangu ilikuwa voice.

@Nefertities ,you should be shot, again, even if the hymen is already broken

Lookin for a mentor…

made 600000000000 billion in two weeks

zim dollars

The knowledge that I’m really close

Still working on it. Excecution in process though

Nyasore soup should be boycotted.


Still a work in construction saa hizi

My life has never been the same

Ummm…we need to talk.o_Oo_O

Tea break of course!

Yeeeeees. No need to talk to him, just tell him here and now that you have dumped his old ass!!
@Meria Mata the dreaded words are the end of you, step aside for the new kid on the block

Sijui ni risk kama mbaya mbaya though environment ya Kenya SAA hii ni stress

i thought i was on an uphill climb till July this year then things turned to a downhill free roll