What was JaKuon REALLY doing in Britain?

There some very scary rumors doing the rounds.

[li]What are people protesting about? Surely, the country cannot be dictated upon by a private citizen![/li][li]JaKuon has no campaign financier, even 90 days from now. Jubilee has closed the holes.[/li][li]Britain is particularly not happy with our continued non -reliance on them. Actually the entire Western world does not like China’s blossoming influence on Africa.[/li][li]Nothing in the near future indicates that this trend will lose momentum.[/li][li]Kenya is a powder keg of political uncertainty that wouldn’t take much to ignite.[/li][/ul]

Let’s call these the meanderings of a ‘lazy weekend mind’.


Yet better put together/written. Indeed what was he going to find?

Pitia kwa local kwanza uwatch game alafu ukam tuchambue siasa. Ama vipi my fren? Pengine Tinga ako stadi ya Liverpool ako cheering squad mbaya!

Tukutane kwa debe

I think you meant farrowing, no?

gerund or present participle: farrowing

[li](of a sow) give birth to (piglets).[/li]“the pig is one of a litter of nine farrowed in July”

Tinga ni muArsenali. Life has tied him up into loving things he cannot have.

Sure! Wacha ni come

Inakaa umeingia kijiji juzi

Kenya being volatile is just an over estimation. Even in mombasa the people demonstrating are Luos. There won’t be any intercommunity violence. Maybe gangs attacking the protesters and Protesters attacking people.

You will be surprised that apparently even junior govt officials are talking about civil war…was very suprised. Ama Kenya inaanzia kwa shores za l.victoria na kuishia kwa border ya western na other provinces?

R u Amused?

Sadly, @Meria Mata did not get the joke.


Pesa ya M. Wanyege wamelipa kwanza?

Actually thats not what he was doing

“Catheter House”

Yaonekana anangoja Babuon amsomee Ktalk lexicon!

Matsanga has simplified rao mission in UK.
Check out his fb page.

He was there to report on progress for the Malloch, Soros and Annan scheme.