What to grow on 1 acre plot for maximum returns

Land is 30 minutes from a major town. I am seeking advise on what to plant maximum returns this season. The land is fairly fertile and I live 10 minutes away on foot. Asande

if hauna haraka, panda 80 avocado trees and start laughing all the way to the bank in 5 years’ time

Whatever you plant lazima ukue na soko…jenga green house upande nyanya.


If you want to farm profitably, ensure you do it out of season … meaning you need adequate water. And aim for high value crops.

kama gani|?

kama gani?

ishen trees

What are those?
Can they do well in the coast around Malindi?

@phantom panda sukuma ndii zikigrow uchune…

yes, they do very well in coast province.
bora usiwe na snoopy neighbors

Panda bangi…high returns…will personally offer market

Bangi…Kitunguu ama Rhodes grass seedlings In that order

Source of water

Panda sukuma. You can harvest them 7 days 52 weeks nonstop.

I cannot pretend that I am an agribusiness expert lakini hapa ningekuadvise upande sukuma wiki, spinach and traditional vegetables. Alternatively you can plant bananas. Quick market.

Panda 10000 bluegum trees. After 7 years, sell each at 4k. That is ksh4000000

Hii hesabu yako inamaanisha each tree will occupy how much space? Don’t you think hiyo spacing ni kidogo sana?

Not small my friend. Do the math. One acre is 0.24 ha. About 60m by 40m. On length plant 120 trees. On length plant 80 trees. Spacing of 0.5m between adjacent trees. That may be almost that figure by a very small margin


The market is usually saturated for skuma during the rainy season.