What they dint tell you about Regina Mutoko

27 September 2014 - A few weeks
ago, Kenyans were united in grief
as they mourned the death of
Caroline Mutoko’s sister, Regina,
who died under controversial
circumstances in her house.
Regina used to host the popular
OMO Pic-a-Box programme on
KBC and many Kenyans
celebrated her for that. But what
many don’t know is that she was
a very private lady and so
Unlike her elder sister Caroline
who is a snob and proud, Regina
would treat everyone with equal
respect. In-fact, she would
mingle with people from all
walks of life in the streets despite
her fame and money.
This is unlike Caroline Mutoko
who treats other people like
garbage and avoids them as if
they have ebola.
Another thing about Regina is
that she didn’t have any social
media account since she
preferred to keep her life as
private as possible.
She found it immature to compete
with teenagers updating status
and useless arguments like what
her elder sister normally does.
That’s why she had no scandal
during her long media career and
many celebrities admired her for
May her beautiful soul rest in

this is so wrong u dont compare sisters…