What these foreigners come to do to our women

Disclaimer: I don’t know if this is in Kenya or just an African country, either way it’s wrong.
These people fly over here so they can abuse our women and take such degrading photos.
There were stories of foreigners in Mombasa paying women to have sex with dogs and have it recorded a few years back too, fucking degrading!
Tunafaa tujiheshimu na tuheshmiwe!

If the women aren’t complaining, why you ?

Furthermore, I ain’t worried by Chinaman laying 2inches of d!ck in there, because I know my 5inches will be quit an improvement.

It’s not about whether or not the women are protesting, it’s still wrong regardless, the women probably don’t understand what the issue is.
The ignorant still need to be protected, that’s why pedophilia is condemned, a kid can give an adult consent to do what they want to their body because they don’t understand what the repercussions are, or that the adult has bad intentions.
You wouldn’t argue that “huyo mtoto alijienjoy so ni sawa” would you?

those girls look underage 15-17

Wrong forum, people here support what R Kelly did to a 14 year old girl he was grooming since she was 12.

Mimi sioni watoto hapo.

Black women like foreign dick

I can see the payment was inform of some snacks of sort…

Really? I suspect it’s the type of people who have to have daughters for their brain to start functioning.
When it’s a loved one at risk is when they’re sympathetic.


And you clearly don’t understand, they don’t have to be children.
They’re taking advantage of African culture, where women especially in a village setting openly expose their breasts and they aren’t seen as sexual organs. So the women probably don’t know that what this guy is doing is wrong and that he’s deriving pleasure from it.

Look at it this way, if you never knew about gay guys, and a gay mzungu came to the country & started “accidentally” touching your genitals and trying to shower with you, convincing you it’s normal, then you discovered what he’s actually doing i.e deriving sexual pleasure from all that, would you be OK with it?

Here people brag about gang raping intoxicated girls and even going out the next day to fetch more men to continue the gang rape. And they openly say, they see nothing wrong in molesting a 14 or 15 year old child. You must not have followed the R Kelly thread they were really rallying for him when its clear the man is a pedophile and a hebephile. You will not get any support here. To many here a 14/15 year old child is a woman and they actually prefer children to adult women. For me I couldnt finish watching even one episode once I realised that R Kelly befriended the 14 year old child when she was 12 years old lured her like most of the other minors with promises of making them musical stars even when its very clear that the group was not at all talented,he went to all her basketball games, would wait for her outside the school in his car, knew her friends,basically hang around the school alot , is in photos with her friends, I mean if you look at the photos, besides the basketbal coach there were no other adults there except him. You would think that he would date older women while waiting for her to grow up but nope, he was like a tick on her, she spend all her free time at his house/studio and her parents especially her dad just looked the other way , even after the sex tape showing her face clearly was being sold all over their home town, everyone at her school had watched it, the parents told her to deny it was her, R Kelly tried to lie that it was his younger brother who resembles him who was in the tape. I think I was more alarmed by the dad - who still plays guitar for R Kelly to date. There are some things that are so wrong on so many levels that words cant suffice to express how wrong they are.

I am a very opinionated person but even for me I was shocked beyond words. When you as a man can sell your own daughter who you should be protecting for money , its beyond heartbreaking and tragic. Some things you dont even talk you just leave them to God. After I saw that thing, I felt so sick and I prayed and repented to God that I EVER listened to this monster’s music. Nowadays I even avoid any youtube video with anything to do with R Kelly, hizo mashetani zake zisinikaribie.

This was recently dealt with by the Chinese govt.Its now illegal for Chinese nationals to post such photos online!

Yes, I clearly missed that thread, I’m honestly lost for words.
Anonymity exposes the worst parts of people I guess, they can say all that and get away with it here.
As for R Kelly, justice is coming for him, I hope it comes to the father of the daughter as well.

You didnt miss much, this forum is like the nudist camp for misogynists they really let it ALL hang out- like a bunch of teenage boys cheering each other on to doing asinine things kama wale wanakuwa wanachoma vitabu and cussing out Matiangi so, but I have lived long enough to know, that as long as you are in this human body , if God decides to act on you, you will wish you never stole sugar from your mom’s kitchen , leave alone gangraping somebody’s daughter with your insane friends. Just watch R Kelly, watch his end. Si MJ was busy molesting Cancer kids, what happened to him?Hisfriends were YES men who were minting money off of him like Conrad Murrey , who couldnt say No to MJ even when he knew what MJ wanted would kill him. R Kelly’s goose is already cooked. His children hate him, he is estranged from his entire family, at almost 60 he has nobody. Just some confused teens who will wise up sooner or later. You’d think with age people gain clarity about how ephemeral life is and what is important in life - imagine if he was in Dusit what would he be tweeting - tell my children -I havent seen in years who think I am a monster I love them? but money and power can blind you into thinking you are immortal and invincible - remember MJ and his oxygen thingee . He will die a lonely and tragic death, mark my words. He doesnt need retribution from anyone he is his own worst enemy. He will self destruct with no help. By his own hand. Because thats how Satan works before he uses you to destroy other peoples lives, he will end up destroying you the most.

Which is that part of Africa?

The cheapest hoes are usually the black ones.

Does that include your mother?

What kind of ‘Christian’ feminist are you, going around demeaning other people’s mothers? This terrorism incident has really brought out the colours in you.