What the 'L' in automatic gears stands for.

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P, R, N, D, these are all letters on your automatic transmission that you’re probably familiar with. However, you might rarely, if at all, shift into “L” on the gear shift. So what does this letter stand for? And should you use it?

L stands for low gear. When your car is in drive, or D, the automatic transmission will shift through the gears as your speed increases. When your car is in low, or L, the transmission won’t shift. Instead, it remains in a low gear, and less fuel is injected into the engine. This gives you less speed, but what you sacrifice in speed you make up for in engine torque. Basically, using low gear gives the engine more power.

Torque is useful when you’re towing something with your automatic. Towing requires more torque, but if you tow in drive it puts more strain on your engine as the transmission cycles through the gears. Keeping it in low gear lets you keep the torque, which makes towing easier, and reduces the stress on your engine. Another reason you might use low gear is for driving up a hill in order to give your engine the power to get up the hill without over-stressing it. Low gear is also useful for driving in snow or on icy roads, because it reduces your speed and gives you more control over the vehicle

Are you sure about that part? I thought low gears ndio hukunywa mafuta kaa yote?

If also uko hiyo mteremko ya ntulele, put it on low, then you don’t have to slow your vehicle by braking, which can turn red hot after a few kms

Can one still engage the same gear on a muddy road?

Yes. But be gentle on the accelerator. Go slow and steady instead of hard.


Mine has only PRNDS

Modern Toyota cars also come with some sort of manual mode where u set a specific gear at a certain speed. And also cruise control where u shift to D accelerate and set a specific speed and the car remains at that speed thruout no need for accelator

Our highways can’t work properly with cruise control imo. Mara bumps, mara slow vehicles on the right lanes…

(L) Low; Itumie wakati uko mlevi na Ile time hutaki kukimbilia mabrake’s (H) High; Wakati unatafuta kifo tumia

Yes , tiptronic gear system .

Does work if you have radar cruise control

Don’t you say? @culture ebu njoo kidogo uconfirm kaa hii feature iko kwa ile Nissan Legrail model 2017?

Hiyo yako haikosi in ile inakaa knob ya tuning radio.
Rudisha uwekewe L1 and L2.

Kuna hii gear shifter huwa na + and - kwa D. What are those for? [ATTACH=full]157251[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]157252[/ATTACH]

then some have the letter “M” with +and - does it stand for manual?[ATTACH=full]157253[/ATTACH]

well this final one is just wierd[ATTACH=full]157254[/ATTACH]

M stands for manual but not like the traditional manual coz u don have a clutch. When you shift to M in automatic car they say its in manual mode coz u have to accelerate and shift to next gear manually. Utaskia change in speed and engine sound.

shift - = shift one gear down, shift + = shift one gear up

Calculator. …:D:D

:D:D:D:D:D Bure kabisa

Gear inatambulika na wazito ni hii…hizo zengine zote ni kelele…hii tabia ya kusumbuana na wamama tao mkibalance na mguu moja wanaume muache [ATTACH=full]157280[/ATTACH]