What started it all

Was Emilio trolling us? He clearly said “Uhalifu”. Maybe he was forced to have a second term? You know. By the people surrounding him. :smiley: Because the king is never bad. Just the king’s men.

But whose orders do they follow?

I guess we’ll never know what really happened that day. Who made the final decision. And why. All we can do is remember how we got here.


Of course deep state forced him. The guy never showed any enthusiasm for a second term. He didn’t even bother to campaign for re-election. Hapa ni kama alikuwa ametoka kufinywa makei (literally or figuratively) akaambiwa unaenda kuapa or else.

The man is arguably the best PORK we’ve ever had, he never bothered to play successional politics and was development oriented.
Lacks the blinding greediness

You have very low standards if someone who blatantly stole elections is held in high regard by your likes

Perhaps I do, but then again I don’t truly care which lord sits at the throne provided living conditions are bearable for myself.