What’s up with this William Ruto Guy?

It seems his name is mentioned in every scandal. Land scandals in Kenya are almost synonymous with him. I cannot actually prove whether he is guilty or not but where there is smoke……too much smoke………

Now, he is entangled in another questionable multibillion hospital upgrade project.

Well, ignorant peasants as usual will vote for him come 2022 but once Moi 2.0 begins, I don’t expect to hear any complains.

Really, we are just so f*cked up that for as long our tribal gods are in power, everything else is fine………

And, if Kenyans will actually vote for Ruto, I think that God willing, I will have no option but settle in another country. This is a dude whose questionable deals began with the infamous youth for kanu 92 and Kenyans still think they’ve got a leader here.



Let him now dance to the tune of his own music:mad:


As i said earlier, the only way NOT to vote for Ruto in 2022 in to Vote out Jubilee (read uhuru) in 2017. I know some sycophants will be mad with me, but I am very uneasy with this unwritten ‘covenant’ that once Uhuru completes his 2nd term, Ruto will take over from him in 2022. This is a recipe for disaster and can easily destroy this country.
Just imagine what can happen if the Kikuyus in central province refuse to vote for Ruto in 2022…It is obvious that Kikuyus in the Rift Valley will ‘see Kanyoni wa Ng’ethe’ in other words Chamtema kuni.
Am also considering ‘observing’ the 2022 elections in self exile, if Uhuru wins in 2017.


Sure. And my inner voice tells me that Kikuyus won’t vote for Ruto come 2022 and such a scenario will result in complete and almost irrevocable banishment of the Kikuyus from the Rift Valley. Kikuyus especially in the Rift Valley don’t realise that they are under ‘grace’ period and, in actual fact, owe the Kalenjins ‘billions’ in terms of political loyalty. Woe unto them if they should apostatise and fail to vote for Ruto. If Kikuyus in Rift Valley will vote for Ruto it will be out of fear.

The pre-election ‘covenants’ and tribal groupings will in the future prove to be very deadly political games.

even if they vote and the greater kikuyu nation votes otherwise they may be punished for that

Funny thing is, as “good” as Uhuru Kenyatta seems to be, Ruto is bringing him down and he doesn’t seem to realize it. Was it not just last week when the President blamed DP’s woes on the media? Go figure!

I watched the exchange between Senator Murgomen and Isaack Ruto on NTV jana jioni and I felt sory for this coutry. None of them had anything constructive to tell Kenyans except, Isaack Rutu-The VP is a dictator and is corrupt, Murgomen-He is VP, deal with it.

It was just a shouting match, none of them answered the questions asked by the NTV host.


What other choice do we have? Looking at the other side. Kina wetangula seem to be cut from the same clothe. And dont tell me about unknown candidates will emerge like Obama and get voted in . of the current lot, Alfred mutua seems to be at least the ideal choice. But as you know Kenyans, it will never happen. I am sure baba will still be in the race, mudavadi too same old political rejects. We should pass a law disallowing guys who have failed to vie for the seat again. It really stiffles the chances of getting genuine change


Wait till ndauwo sees this utajua sycophancy ni nini

I think nitafanya kama matiba- burn my voter’s card.

None of my preferred presidential candidates has ever sailed through in the 4 elections i have participated in. And I foresee this uhuruto taking it again going by the stupidity of us voters.

I have noticed that Ruto is trying to connect with the kikuyus as much as possible, in the last five months he has visited central region more than four times.

People get the leaders they deserve. If we vote 4 him almost to the man, it’s because he IS BETTER THAN US. If he is synonymous with theft, we are all thieves. Every gang HAS A LEADER! He is ours



me thinks chances of Kikuyus voting for him are damn slim. …almost negligible.

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Ilikuwa Citizen Tv budaa.

Kenyans amaze me. You’ll happily bribe a policeman, steal office supplies, gleefully pocket excess change when the shopkeeper gives it to you by mistake, spend time on social media when you should be working, jump queues, call in sick when in reality you just don’t feel like going to work, use your employers resources to grow your side hustle…then act mighty surprised/angry when politicians do it. They’re doing the exact same thing, only on a much grander scale. And these politicians don’t just materialize out of thin air. They start from the grassroots, steadily rising through the ranks. They represent us, meaning even their behavior is a representation of our behavior. If you want to effect real change, start with the man in the mirror.


I foresee a situation whereby after 2017 and if Uhuru wins, he will feel so powerless so much so, that he will spend the next five years pleading with the Kyuks to vote for Ruto. It will be campaign mode right from inauguration date.
On the other hand, property owned by kyuks in the rift will be sold ‘for a song’ as they anticipate the worst…it will be suspicions and counter suspicions.
Could be Isaac Ruto the Governor is the only man who can save this country…by making sure that dissenting voices in the Rift lead to Uhuru’s defeat hence ‘breaking’ the covenant.
I have a feeling that Uhuru secretly, deeeeeep inside his soul, is praying for his own defeat in 2017 as he cannot live with the consequences of Ruto’s imminent defeat in 2022.

As a man from the rift. I honestly think these tribal affiliations are bullsht. The dp is just a corrupt me with nothing to offer Kenyans. I have never seen a vision for Kenya from him. The governor rival ruto, I get this sick feeling in my guts when I hear him speaking. He is even more corrupt and doesn’t have a likeable character. He just to arrogant for my liking.


We dont make any laws. They do make all laws. Mutua is also a sly guy from the same group.

Ruto(DP) has already lost it with the Kalenjin. Next election isnt business as usual

It is better than being a sycophant to a k**** aka Ojinga aka tingod