What really happened to Rita Tinina? Was it chimpanzee related heartbreak and depression like Namwambas ex wife?

Yaani watching news nowadays ni majoonzi tuu. What really killed this lady? Johansen Oduor ako wapi? At least Kindiki amenifurahisha akikagua gwaridi he’s the shortest guy there alafu nowadays ako na military walking style. Napenda Kindiki bure. A real sweetheart.

So @Micymas the tea master na ule jamaa mwingine whose avatar has a chimpanzee doing a drive by shooting, I’m bad with names unless it’s real catchy, has 411 on every one, what happened to this lady. Don’t tell me suicide coz no woman over a certain age commits suicide and less so if she is a single mother of a small child.

Is it man related depression like that wife of Ababu Namwamba, Prisca who? See, I’m bad with names. Mimi I wish a man would just pull this ndio I will enjoy life with a big spoon hadi a shindwe if I am really human. Bora he’s taking care of his kids and hajanipea ukimwi. It’s party time beachez.

Hizi vifo za wanawake in houses is usually bcz of depression and in their past is a serious heartbreak and betrayal. Warembo acheni kuweka moyo kwa hizi mabeasts aka chimpanzees. They will end your life prematurely. Zalieni wazungu and then date chimpanzees occasionally for fun. Hizi nugu don’t deserve to be taken seriously. My fren utakufa before you see your kids growing up. Nothing can replace a mother’s love. Not even money.

Before a chimpanzee breaks your ass, prepare your shock absorbers urukwe na kichwa wiki moja and thereafter ni kusonga mbele faster faster sister than an ambulance. Ati heartbreak?! Bullshit!!! Never let a man end your life prematurely. God has blessed women with 20 plus years over men’s life span, why should a man make you not live to enjoy your bonus years? Why?

Mambo za prince charming na soul mate, you will be character developed ile proper.

Soul mate ni Yesu mama. Bwana ni Yesu. If you are dying bcz of Jesus nobody will think low of you but not these chimpanzees ati now you are deep in depression bcz your monkey broke your ass, I mean heart. Like Prisca Kamwaro. I wish I was her sister. I’d get her drunk and beat her to within an inch of her life with a nyahunyo, akiamka the next day she can’t even remember where she met that bastard who is making her depressed.

Wamama tujipende. The day you stop worshipping Jesus and start worshipping a chimpanzee and putting a monkey on a pedestal ndio utajua hamujui. These people deal with them at arm’s length for your own safety. Asikudanganye hadi you lose yourself and forget that after Jesus you are the most important person in your life.

Mimi nimefiwa na wawilii, one who I used to get healed akinitembelea nikiwa mgonjwa. Of course I cried but ikafika point nikaona hii ni ujinga sasa, kushinda ukililia mtu ako ahera. I had to move on coz life is for the living.

You know we as women give men way way too much power over us. Kwanzaa chimpanzees nkt. Atleast if it’s a junguu who is making you depressed we can understand but a mere monkey is killing you with depression? Bruh, you need to have someone to beat the devil out of you. Chimpanzees sio watu wa kukupea depression inaeza kukua.

Ladies just say no to mankey related toxicity in your life. Kama ushamzalia, too late or too bad. You have to know how to keep that chimpanzee out of your life for your own sanity. We can not be losing very potential people over mambo haina maana.

Anyway, RIP and shine on your way with Brian Chira.

I thought they said she was sick. I feel for the kiddo, she’s what 8 or something?